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Are my parents too hard on me?

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Hello! Hope you all are having a great day!

Anyway, about a year ago I've noticed my parents were gradually getting really angry. Now, they're rarely happy. My mom is harder than my dad. All my life during school, I was not allowed to get a grade under an A-. There was one time, a long time ago in second grade, I got a B- and that was because a page in my History book was torn out. Then my parents acted so disappointed. Like I had done the worst thing ever. They eventually moved on. A few weeks ago I was in my room, my mom came in and saw a glass I had not put in the sink yet. She was really angry and disappointed. She was actually in tears. (I'm not making this up) I have a lot of things I would like to tell them. But when I try to tell them things, they often get mad at me, especially if I'm depressed or sad. From my previous post, you know my friends. So one day, my friends were in a conflict. They were sending hateful messages to each other, and even swearing at each other. This was getting too out of hand. I tried to get them to stop, but they would not listen. One friend actually did something really bad. He started swearing all over the place, yelling and screaming at the other friend. I ended up removing that friend. He went on my YouTube channel and started saying how I "Ruined his life" My parents saw this, and they ended up getting very mad at me and blamed me for them fighting. A bunch of my other friends were fighting and I left the group, they got mad at me for that too. My mom will often yell at my dad and I. She tells us to not do certain things, but she ends up doing them herself. Her response is "I'm the parent, I can do whatever I want." My mom yelled at me because there was a drip of water on the carpet once. My parents often abuse my pet dog. He's a miniature poodle. My dad once threw him off the couch and my dad threw him into the coffee table. He yelped. I ended up picking him up and taking him back to my room. Poor thing was really confused and dazed. I'm often depressed because of them, and I wish I could tell them things, but they always get mad. I once even tried to talk to them about them being so hard, but all they did was reject it. What should I do?

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Welcome to the world. We are flawed creatures. Longer you live the more you will see/notice and recognize.


NO ONE IS PERFECT. Never was and never will be.


Few lessons for you to learn from above.

a) never EVER get into other people's conflicts or into their fights. ALL of the attention/hate will be focus on you, like you experienced. I've learned this the hard way as well.

b) Your parents are not perfect, no one is, but they mean well. Sure their expectations are a bit high but they want you to succeed and school is the only way.

c) yes, when you are an adult/own a house/property you get to do whatever you please.....and others within your property/children go by YOUR rules. Get over it. Once you are an adult you will do the same.


And the most important lesson of them all:

NO ONE controls or dictates how you feel BUT you. Remember this. If you allow someone to make you feel certain way, that means you have poor self control and allow others to make you feel any way they want to.


If you think this is bad with your parents just wait till you run into some disturbing characters out there in the world.


Don't worry, all of this is normal at young age. What matters the most is you learning from it and adjusting/working on yourself.


Especially since that is the ONLY thing within your control....YOU. You cannot control your parents or how they are or how they will be, but you can control how they effect you and hopefully learn from it.

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This you must absolutely discuss with a trusted teacher, counselor or adult. Cruelty to animals is a crime, not a bad habit.Your parents sound high-conflict bordering on emotionally abusive.

My parents often abuse my pet dog.My dad once threw him off the couch and my dad threw him into the coffee table. He yelped. I'm often depressed because of them, and I wish I could tell them things, but they always get mad.
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Hello everyone! I thank you all for your answers. But I will be tearing down my account as of 5/20/16 or before. I don't wanna risk anyone calling the police for abuse and tracking me through my email. For those of you saying my parents are abusive, I say well... I don't know. In the middle of no and yes. I'm leaning slightly towards no. I don't know if anything is going on in their lives and this is their natural response. They are good parents, and they mean well. And I love them. But I don't wanna risk them being jailed, because maybe I see things differently and they aren't actually that mean and I just see them when they're mad, that's what I think. But thank you everyone. Have a wonderful day.

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These people - your parents - sound completely toxic. Abuse is abuse, and the word "good" cannot be ever applied to either abuse or abusers. Plain and simple.


No excuses can ever be made - EVER - for abusive behaviour.


Anonymous. You are fearful of them.


Anyhow have a look at this site




It may be of consolation to you just to read some of these essays.....

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OP, your parents are psychologically abusive...big time. They are unhappy with their own lives and take it all out on you. You serve as a punching bag for both of them when they feel frustrated.


I can see the damage they have inflicted on you, relax, no need to be paranoid about your account; i seriously doubt that somebody on this forum will track your email. Normal people do not engage in which hunt, like your parents do. You see your anxiety and catastrophic thinking is directly related to your walking on eggshells and fear due to your parent's criticizing and disapproval of you.


Can you talk to a relative that you trust, or a school psychologist? The way your parents treat you is wrong and not what loving parents do to their children. You have your voice and the right to be heard when you speak up for yourself. if you are not heard by the people that supposedly should care for your the most, then how are you going to voice your stance and stand up for yourself in the outside world as an adult?


My advice is to get out of your house as soon as you can have an independent source of income, do not run away from home, it is not safe.

And before that, please find somebody to talk about what is going on at home.


Check this link:



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