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I've been thinking about posting this for a while so I think it's about time I do. I read this forum a lot when my girl and Ibroke up after 5 years basically everyday . I guess it gave me comfort knowing I wasn't the only one who felt so ty. I think I owed a post given how much I relied on this site. Listen I was a goddamn wreck for nearly a year. We never went no contact tried to stay friends and I never got over her. I never stopped tryin to make it work and it was taxing on both of us. I melted down so many tines that I really tainted her memory of me , or so I thought. I obsessed, didn't sleep , didn't eat , didn't take of myself it was literally my only priority to get her back.


It wasn't until I gave up hope and moved on did I feel better. This was November nearly a year after we broke up. I look back now and see how stupid and dumb I was I was so afraid of change I basically wasted a year if my life depressed and miserable. Once you lose hope and move on the world brightens and becomes a different place. Although we never really went no contact abd still talk 1-2 times every other week I'm so much better. I'm happy again back to my regular self. Much of that is because I'm not madly in love trying to win her back.


I dated and slept with girls while I still hung out with her s friends and I just felt ty and guilty so don't date until ur are ready. I guess what I wanna say is that is does gwt better , I was a wreck for a long time but u wake up one day and it hurts less and less . Now when we talk I don't feel like I feel good and happy. I think reading this site everyday in many ways made me obsess more so get of this site and go live life I know it's hard but ur gonna have to do it at some point in order to move on so why jot now. Don't do what I did and waste a year crying at night. I became happy alone then met someone else and really like her , ur ex isn't the only person for u and there's others that can bring u hapoyness. I never thought there would be either trust me. I'm even at the point where if she wanted to try again , and I think she may, it's too late. I've moved on, you will too. I don't know what will happen in the future maybe we'll try again maybe we won't I will definitely always care about her but I'm excited for life again u just have to ride out the storm. I read posts like this and laughed thinking it wouldn't get better too but it does I promise.

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