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we all done it but I'm over it. I dream about my ex

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We have all done it because we trying to understand so we dream of our ex's


when I first broke up with him I dream about him twice but couple of months apart. In the dream we were together and like a couple but I had sick feeling inside of me and I new I don't want to be with him


Last couple of days I been dreaming about him and we were at weeding as friends or hanging out like old times as mates. He looks at me like he wanted to be with me but when I ask him about as or rejected him or say no to my mate that ask me about us we just friends and I wake up.


Last dream was like history. An old lady gave me a vary old painting to look at and it look familiar but couldn't see it. Then I really look at the images and noticed I knew this person so I followed it down and there was us together. I said to the lady I know this painting, I'm her and she said my name and I woke up.


In real life I don't want to be with me because I'm still hurting and I want him stay away from him.


why I'm dreaming about him? They say you dream about someone because you miss him or they miss you..


post here if you had any dreams you want to share or any advised please thanks

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I still dream about all of my exes from time to time. Why? I have no idea and doubt really if it has anything to do with them or me missing them. I tend to think it's more just the mind pulls up what it knows in dreams, so yeah people you know will show up just like people you don't. Don't really read anything into it.


The exception to that is sometimes I do believe the mind helps us work through problems or emotions in dreams. I have had two different times when dreams about an ex ended with a final dream with my rejecting them after they'd broken up with me and I was having trouble letting go. When I woke up I felt somehow better, more empowered to move on. In those instances I think it meant that subconsciously I was ready to move on and the dream just took the embodiment of that message.


Just as an exercise I've done with bad dreams you could try at night and right after you wake up envisioning how you would have wanted the dream to go--i.e. where you walk away from them. And chances are good you'll have a dream where you do just that then wake up and feel better about it. It's a little exercise a therapist gave me once when I was having stress-related nightmares and it's worked for me. Not at first, but now yeah I can usually change the outcome of dreams if I focus in on it hard enough and go back to sleep to "finish" the dream.

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I think dreams tell us a lot about how we are inside and how we are dealing with our emotions, healing etc rather than some hidden message. The fact that you dreamt that you said to a mate that he is just a friend is a good sign that you are doing well inside yourself, in my opinion.


You could always try out link removed if you feel the need to explore more but not sure how real or how accurate their analysis is.


With regards to the old woman and the painting you could check out this and see what you feel fits you and your feelings


link removed

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I think we dream of the ones we once loved (exes) because we most times never get any closure or truth from them so we are trying hard to find the real answers anywhere because they won't give us them. I had a dream 2 nights ago with my ex in it made absolutely no sense in almost anyway...I woke up thinking what does this have to do with him and I we didn't even look like ourselves in the dream.


In the dream he was sleeping in my bed at my parents home. I don't want my dad to know he is staying over... so I try to get him out before dad is back from his work, but ex is in shower and my dad is home and also my exes car in in our long driveway blocked in by some huge black SUV, no idea who it belongs too either. I go check a computer in a guest room in the house, and end up watching some home movie of my ex filming me while we are driving somewhere in the summertime. I am laughing and smiling and my hair is pitch black w/a side pony... I don't have black hair never had black hair but was me in car with him. The computer dies, so I look out the window and see my dad at the back of exes car and trunk is opened.. talking I can hear them speak. My dad says to him " when are you two going to work this out?" and my ex goes " I am trying, I need her to make her choice" wth? I didn't know my dad and ex even spent time talking or in dream dad knew he was staying over but there they are working together behind my back. I woke up. More confused.

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I dream about my ex a lot..! I actually made a post about this too, lol.

I usually remember my dreams.

It's been only about four weeks since the BU. I dream about him so much that I dont want to remember my dreams anymore.


Strange thing is that none of the dreams I had about him was a happy dream. In my dreams, I acknowledge that we broke up, but I'm missing him.


I had a dream about him last night. I saw him hanging out with my female friend and they were teasing me.

(That female friend and he once hung out together without me knowing and that made me furious. )


I try not to think about him throughout the day, but these suppressed thought of him haunts me at night by dreams.

I never wake up happy from these dreams..

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