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vision worries - failing field test


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I'm not really looking for answers... just need to write something and offload some thoughts on my mind about this.....


just over 2 weeks ago, when picking up a slightly adjusted prescription for glasses and lenses (I see my optician every 12 months, as part of a routine eyecare benefits plan), optician told me I'd failed their field test and he was going to write to my GP. He did write, asking for an urgent referral (urgent wasn't what I was expecting), so I got seen by my nearest specialist eye unit last week.


Visit to the hospital was a bit of a disaster, in that they couldn't give me the sort of answers I was looking for. While there, I did a more accurate field test, where I was able to wear glasses, but they managed to lose the results in the hour or so between doing the test and me seeing an eye doctor. Grrr!!!


So... I need to go back this friday to do the tests all over again, hopefully they won't get lost this week, and see someone else.


a bit of background - 10 years ago, I found I had a parietal brain AVM, so had one epileptic seizure, and had to take a year off driving. I've been seizure-free (taking regular medication) and in general good health since then, but obviously I am more at risk of some health problems than a person who doesn't have an AVM


If I properly fail the field test, which is a big worry, I need to hand my driving license in, and stop driving and motorcycling. arghh! I survived a year without driving, but the thought of losing my license permanently is a worry. I like my car and love my motorbike!!! If it happens... I know I could deal with it, but not being in a relationship, and geographically distant from family members does feel a bit scary!


Because whatever it is may have developed relatively quickly, that causes me a worry. I don't know if it is or isn't connected with my AVM.


I guess I just need to keep my fingers crossed, get some proper test results and see where it goes from there. Gulp.


Thanks for reading.

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hiya John


I hope so much this all comes good for you mate .


I can only imagine how been without a car and bike will affect you , well anyone . I am not a driver and never will be and sometimes it is frustrating ..but ultimately I cannot miss what I have never had ...but I know for you drivers it is a huge transistion to make .


wishing you good health john all the way .

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Well that sounds scary and unpleasant. You seem to have a pretty positive attitude about the whole thing. Better than how I would handle it. I hope your tests go well and you are able to keep your license.


thanks - I'm trying to talk the brave talk to myself at the moment, because the alternative is a bit scary!

Will keep drinking the caffeine and trying to stay positive


Thank you!

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