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Love; too soon?


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So, just over two months ago I began talking to a guy online.

Since then we've spoken every day for a good 2 or more hours over Skype, & have met up several times in the past month.

We decided to get into a relationship just over two weeks ago..

& I don't know.

Just suddenly I'm overcome with emotion. I can't stop thinking about him. I want to spoil him, surprise him.. I can't imagine how I'd be if I had never met him.

I think that it's love. Well I know that's it's love. But for it happen so soon.. It worries me.

I don't want this to fizzle out quickly as things have progressed so soon..

Do I tell him?

Or do I wait?

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It's not 'love', it's lust. You're still getting to know each other.

In the beginning it's always so great & exciting in so many ways. Over time, after the 'honeymoon phase', you can expect things to fizzle down and reality hits. Real Life...

This is usually when couples begin to see IF they're really compatible or not.


So, yes for now all is great, you're excited and all- that's normal. Dont expect these kinds of feelings to be around forever though.

You two are just starting something.. give it all time.

If it's going too fast? Slow it down a bit.

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