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  1. In the past I've been diagnosed with generalised anxiety disorder. Last year I started University. But unfortunately gave that up.. I got a job as an agency care assistant (they call you every so often to offer shifts), but I've recently not picked up shifts because I've not felt up to it. To return to picking up shifts, I need to get a medical clearance certificate from my doc. I have an appointment today.. I could either do that. Or be honest and say I've had issues with anxiety etc lately. But this would mean being unable to work. I'm getting incredibly low on money and I know I
  2. Have you tried suggesting to your husband that he goes away on holiday with his friends? I know this seems a strange suggestion.. But if you're apart from each other for a week to a couple of weeks.. It'll give you both a little headspace. ALSO; if you know that your husband is out enjoying himself.. This can often make you WANT them.
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