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Haven't heard from him in two months, but keep hoping.


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To make things short, I met this guy in a university class we had together, and we flirted the entire semester and became pretty close. We didn't hang out outside of class though until this summer. During the summer we saw each other a few times, and the last time we saw each other we made out. Now its been almost three months since that, and two months since I last had contact with him.


He's an extremely outdoorsy type of person, and when I say extreme I mean extreme. He's the type of guy to disappear into the woods for weeks hunting or back country snowboarding and only returning to town to see family/ friends. The last time we spoke, it was through texts and he let me know he was going to be out during the first few weeks of hunting season. First few weeks. And its been two months.


I'm probably over thinking this at this point, but now I'm worried that he's not really that into me if he hasn't even made the effort to contact me since. I've sent him a few messages but haven't gotten any sort of reply. I'm pretty sure that if he was in range of cell phone service that he would at least say SOMETHING, because he's a really nice person (almost too nice sometimes lol) and I can't imagine him completely ignoring me. I thought that things were going well and that something might actually start here but its been incredibly slow as it is, and now we don't even have contact. I don't want to just let this one go though, I've never met anyone quite like him. I already feel like I have really strong feelings for him and I don't want to give up on him.


The other thing that's crossed my mind is that something might have happened to him. I barely have an idea of where he even is. I don't know any of his close friends, or family, only a couple acquaintances but I doubt that they would know anything. The problem with not knowing the guy very well is that if anything happened to him, I would probably never find out.


This is just such an unusual situation and I don't know how to deal with it.

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If a guy was interested in you romantically, he would NOT let two months go by without contact.


If I was a man, I would assume no woman would wait two months for me, and if I was out of contact that long, and she was so great, some other guy would scoop her up from me! From what you say, you didn't have a relationship per se, just some flirting, hanging out, and making out. Chances are, if he was interested in you romantically, he would be in contact.


Assume that nothing has happened to him, and that he just isn't that into you. That's what I would assume.

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Omg this happened to me! After a couple of months he went on a 4wk holiday to Europe and just disappeared. never to contact me again. Naturally i assume the worst had happened, because I thought he would never just ignore me like that. ended with me feeling like a pathetic loser when I finally got the guts to phone his work and he answered the phone. He didn't even have the decency to PRETEND to be embarrassed! I was furious! Turns out while he was away his thoughts and feelings for me faded but he didn't have the guts to break it off.


It sucked and he handled it in a real low-life way.. but that's how it goes.


Goodluck and I hope he resurfaces soon, but if I we're you i wouldn't hold my breath! Sorry

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I hate to burst your bubble, but usually when they disappear like that it's because they found someone else they're more interested in. And being a nice guy has nothing to do with it, from his view maybe you guys hung out a few times, you made out once, then he went away and met someone else. He didn't have the same level of attachment that you did to the whole experience and even if he's in the middle of nowhere he would have gotten your messages by now. The bottom line is if a guy is really, really interested they'll do some pretty outrageous things just to keep in touch.

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