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girl not texting back after asking out.


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I talked with a girl on okcupid who goes to my college. After exchanging messages for several days, i finally asked her to maybe go see a movie or ice skating. She said ok and gave me her number. The next day i sent her a text so she would have mu number, and we had a brief text conversation, about 7 messages each, and really hit it off. I then asked if she would want to go see a movie and she said she would be down for anything, that she would have to see when she will be free and get back to me. The next day in the evening i send her a text asking her how her day has been, she hasn't responded now in 24 hours. Does this mean she doesnt like me and i should give up, or am i overreacting. I want to send her another text, but im not sure if I should. Opinions, i know im probably just being stupid an overreacting, but i assume if she wanted to get to know me she wouldnt be ignoring my text.

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