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  1. Hi Everyone! Sorry, I've been gone for a while. Had a lot of things were going. I took the pay-cut. I've been working long hours to make up the difference. I gave my two weeks to my staffing agency so I can switch to a different staffing agency. I'm still in good terms with my old staffing agency so no bridges were burned. The new agency I'm excited to work with and got to continue working with my client since my pay will be a lot higher than I was before. Only problem is the insurance is not that great since it's an ACA. Anyway, I'm not too worried about the insurance since I'm pre
  2. Thanks, chi. Yeah I don't feel like dealing with the attorney since I still have medical bills that I need to deal with from the accident from 2 years ago that still need sorting out. Hopefully everything goes smoothly tomorrow.
  3. Thanks, Melancholy! It kind of sux that I have to take a big hit on my pay rate when I have other loans to pay. I just hope everything works out tomorrow.
  4. Hahaha, I would be wearing a Scarlet Letter Stating "This one is unprofessional. Did not give 10 day notice. BURNED BRIDGE."
  5. I know it's a bit confusing, but thank you for helping me with this. The client and staffing agency has set an agreement regarding my reduced pay rate. Mind you the staffing agency has charged that client I worked with at a very high rate. Therefore there's a chance that my current staffing agency is probably losing a lot of money. If I agree to the pay rate that the staffing agency has set with the client, then I would be continuing to work for the client. However if I disagree with the staffing agency and the client has set, then the staffing agency's contract with the client is termin
  6. This is very confusing. So bear with me! I've been with the client for 2 years and counting. The staff agency is telling me the last day with their client would be Friday. However for me to leave the staffing agency, I would be required to give them a 10 day notice before switching to another agency. The client is ready to continue my assignment on Monday if I switched to a different provider ASAP. I'm planning to email my staffing agency tomorrow morning regarding that I am not taking the paycut and that I don't think giving a 10 day notice is necessary because of the fact they
  7. Hi abitbroken! Yes, my supervisor (client) said they still want me even if I were to switch to a different staffing agency. The only issues we are having is that in order to leave the staffing agency that I am with, I have to give a 10 day notice, which is ridiculous since they only gave me 2 notices regarding my reduced pay rate and if I don't accept the reduced pay rate, then my last day with the client I work for. Like I said before, the client is allowing me to switch staffing agency ASAP. I just don't know how to word it to my current staffing agency that it's unfair to expect me
  8. Hi Melancholy and CatFeeder. I realized my thread must of been confusing. Employment Staff Agency [A] told me that they will need to reduce my pay rate if I continue to work for their client or I can leave their client and they can find me a different opportunity. I found out my coworkers who are from different staff agencies are not affected by the cut. I was told by the client that I work for that I should go with a different employment staff agency, which I'm willing to since the other staff agencies that my coworkers are with have better benefits. The client says they will accept me
  9. :sorrow: Hi everyone! I need your opinions based on a situation today since I never been through this situation before. My employer (Staffing Agency) notified me during the afternoon regarding a reduce pay/pay cut due to the client is decreasing a specific percentage across the board [This means that other staffing agencies are not affected]. I was told that I need to let my employer know within 2 days (by Thursday) regarding if I would take the pay cut to continue working for the client or resign from position so my employer can find me another contract job (My last day would be Frid
  10. Thanks! I found out I've been given an opportunity to create a database for the cost department. This should be a fun adventure. I have so much to learn.
  11. Hi! Don't mind me breaking this down. It's just easier to read and respond. That's so cool you work in IT! I'm working on switching from accounting field to IT field. Dude, you need to have a major backbone. Also, if I ever had to deal with a manager like that, I would backup everything. So if he ever questions my decision or skill or whatever, I can slam back with proof. That's what I learned from my job. Oh boy, did the managers realize that the quiet old me is not stupid after all. Are you doing anything with stress? Do you do anything fun? Might need to find other w
  12. Did you mention that in your objective for the resume and cover letter? Also did you mention to your best friend you were interested in a strategy position? If not, make sure to list that important info in your resume moving forward. If the position that you are not interested in, please make sure to not accept it next time. It's because HR will see it as "wasting their time." This is what I would do. I would call them up and ask if the other position is available as well. If so, then you would like to schedule an interview for that position. If they ask why? Just say that your qual
  13. Hi Dias! Thank you for taking the time to respond to my question. I noticed you live in Europe. I'm not sure how the opportunities are over there in Europe. I'm pretty sure any position can be competitive regardless where you are. Are you looking to choose a career path as a data/business analyst or a technical/report writer? Thank you so much for mentioning more information. I feel like a Dummy 101 when it comes to some information that you mentioned because I haven't been exposed to them yet. You just helped me to gain more knowledge of learning SAS, SPSS, open source framewo
  14. Hi gebaird! Thank you for taking the time to respond to my question! 20+ years? My goodness, you are the YODA for IT. I do have the business side and technical side. I feel like there is always a room for improvement on certain procedures and I ask questions because I wonder if there is an easier way to do things. I wonder if it's due to my INTJ personality as well. I remembered taking Visio course when I was working my Master's degree. It was a lot of fun learning how to use the program, and learning the work flow diagram. I definitely to refresh how to use Visio again and learning the
  15. I wouldn't want to be with a person like that. If something changes again, does that give him a RIGHT to be on a sex dating site and flirt with his business partner? Sorry if he can't figure out how to solve a "little" problem like this, I would run. There's always a solution to a problem depending on what situation. However, if he can't figure this out on his own when no one is beating him up, that just screams that he does not have any sense of care about you as his partner. Last post for this thread. Good luck.
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