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  1. Thanks! I found out I've been given an opportunity to create a database for the cost department. This should be a fun adventure. I have so much to learn.
  2. Hi! Don't mind me breaking this down. It's just easier to read and respond. That's so cool you work in IT! I'm working on switching from accounting field to IT field. Dude, you need to have a major backbone. Also, if I ever had to deal with a manager like that, I would backup everything. So if he ever questions my decision or skill or whatever, I can slam back with proof. That's what I learned from my job. Oh boy, did the managers realize that the quiet old me is not stupid after all. Are you doing anything with stress? Do you do anything fun? Might need to find other w
  3. Did you mention that in your objective for the resume and cover letter? Also did you mention to your best friend you were interested in a strategy position? If not, make sure to list that important info in your resume moving forward. If the position that you are not interested in, please make sure to not accept it next time. It's because HR will see it as "wasting their time." This is what I would do. I would call them up and ask if the other position is available as well. If so, then you would like to schedule an interview for that position. If they ask why? Just say that your qual
  4. Hi Dias! Thank you for taking the time to respond to my question. I noticed you live in Europe. I'm not sure how the opportunities are over there in Europe. I'm pretty sure any position can be competitive regardless where you are. Are you looking to choose a career path as a data/business analyst or a technical/report writer? Thank you so much for mentioning more information. I feel like a Dummy 101 when it comes to some information that you mentioned because I haven't been exposed to them yet. You just helped me to gain more knowledge of learning SAS, SPSS, open source framewo
  5. Hi gebaird! Thank you for taking the time to respond to my question! 20+ years? My goodness, you are the YODA for IT. I do have the business side and technical side. I feel like there is always a room for improvement on certain procedures and I ask questions because I wonder if there is an easier way to do things. I wonder if it's due to my INTJ personality as well. I remembered taking Visio course when I was working my Master's degree. It was a lot of fun learning how to use the program, and learning the work flow diagram. I definitely to refresh how to use Visio again and learning the
  6. I wouldn't want to be with a person like that. If something changes again, does that give him a RIGHT to be on a sex dating site and flirt with his business partner? Sorry if he can't figure out how to solve a "little" problem like this, I would run. There's always a solution to a problem depending on what situation. However, if he can't figure this out on his own when no one is beating him up, that just screams that he does not have any sense of care about you as his partner. Last post for this thread. Good luck.
  7. GET OUT. GET OUT. GET OUT. People with INTEGRITY would end the relationship someone they are with before being on a dating website or sending flirtatious texts to his work business partner. Dang, if I were ever in that situation. I find an apartment, move by stuff out completely, leave the ring on the table and key, and walk out. Think of this way, would you want your daughter or son go through what you went through? If that's a hell no, please plan to get out, immediately. OR forever hold your peace, and continue to deal with this.
  8. Hi Bob! If you really want to move on, you do not text or call her. Please note, just because your ex is the same place as you are, that doesn't mean you do not have the right attend. That's like saying when your ex was at your place, you have to remove stuff she touched. See, how funny that sounds? LOL That would mean you would destroy your home less than a second because her germs are all over the place. Also, if someone does not want you, why are you fighting so hard to keep in contact? IT IS NORMAL TO THINK ABOUT HER. HOWEVER, it is not normal to communicate when you are tryin
  9. Hi Everyone! It's been a long time I've been on here. Just been working on improving myself in this adult life. I just would like to get your opinions on certain questions because I sometimes find the information I researched to be too narrowed. First off, I'm currently a Cost Analyst (Goal achieved). I've been working 2 years so far. I rely heavily on Excel and SAP. Soon we will be switching to Oracle. My other previous job positions have been Law Intern, Tax Intern, Billing Intern, Accounting Assistant, and Claims Specialist. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and
  10. If I were ever in your position: - Eat Japanese food so I can learn to converse people in the restaurant who actually speak fluent Japanese. - Keep a journal and write a question in Japanese and respond back in Japanese. This could be a journey to understanding yourself. - Read children's books in Japanese with English subtitles or notes. - Converse, converse, converse with people who speak Japanese. - Get a Japanese tutor. Good luck.
  11. To be honest, they do feel hurt and regret. They have their own reasons why. You will never find the truth. All you can do is move on, and make yourself better with or without him.
  12. I'm just being realistic. LOL I'm not saying all day. I mean a few hours. Online dating is like shopping no matter how anyone puts it. I just think that if you see a pattern when it comes to trying to find someone [i'm not talking about reaching your dream goals etc], it's much better to go to meetup groups too. Travel or something more. Like I said before, love comes and go. There's no guarantee who you're going to get or who's going to stay with you. I just think it's best to get lost and finding yourself what makes you happy and taking care of yourself so you don't feel uncomfo
  13. missmarpie, Online dating is tough and depends on your location. Online dating sux in my opinion my area and dating region. I am not joining an online dating site ever again. I preferred meetup where I create genuine friends [girls and guys] by playing sports, going to parties, or just being outside of the house like a chick flick movie. I don't care much about finding love since I'm focusing on my goals in life. The way I see it, love comes and go. The only person that can guarantee your life is yourself. My suggestion instead of investing sooooo much damn time on dating etc, why
  14. Absolutely agreed. But you know what the response would be, "I didn't force her/him to." Pathetic excuse as usual.
  15. I agreed. NorthDallas, not to burst your bubbles. Wait, I take it back. Not every woman that you dated in the past will result in the future. Some women will accept that invitation not thinking it was a booty call. Others will not because they consider it a booty call. Every person is their own individual. If you are looking for your "ideal" keep looking. For me, I wouldn't accept invitation at 11pm for tea unless you happen to be my girlfriend that I hang out with, my boyfriend that I spend time with, or there's a group of friends hanging out talking about philosophy. Better yet,
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