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My Boyfriend's Dog is Annoying Me


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4 hours ago, Rose Mosse said:

Oh dear. I think it's your boyfriend that's the problem. The poor pup needs a home that can afford his care and food, more exercise. 

Are you sure this is the right man for you?

Everything was good at the beginning and now he mated her and I told him he has no clue what to do with the puppies. I told him to read do ur homework but he’s all about the money n I see that now. I explained what the process is when getting your female pregnant but he said he’ll do it his way. He gets mad at me because o show her no love, I’ll show my love when I want not on the dogs trims. The dog SUGAR she listens to me I don’t need to say go to bed she looks at me n she just goes. Now I just want piece and quiet my dad passed away from COVID I was daddy’s lil girl n he doesn’t understand why I want to be alone

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8 hours ago, Elicortez said:

. My fiancé has no job barely has any money and expects me to buy everything for the dog.I don’t allow the dog to run a muck through my house 

You need to ask him to move out and seriously reconsider the relationship.

The dog is a symptom of much larger issues causing resentment.

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On 9/13/2013 at 6:45 AM, Astrogirl said:

If the cat happens to leave his dinner Fido races to the bowl and eats his scraps. I've tried to persuade my bf to not let him do it but many a time I've walked into the kitchen and seen him watch Fido eat the cat's food (bf pretends he never noticed). He says he's only keeping the bowls clean and it's a little treat but if it's Fido's treat then why can't some be saved for the cat's treat?

Ahh, the spoiled pet.

Yes, sounds like the dog NEEDS to be taught a few things- but of course, daddy knows best?  😞 .

Whether the Dog or the Cat- neither should be having human foods.  Proof- overweight (obese?), and the bad habbit of hanging way too close when you guys are eating.

Is sad when some people don't get it- and refuse to listen to those who notice these things. just letting their animals rule the roost.

I have cat & dog.. I and my son have both done some decent training with them.  Within a few months of getting our little guy, he was taught to sit, stay, down and treat (when he goes to bed), we did not have a crate yet, but we got him used to that quickly.

I will not feed them when we eat.. Got them in routine, in the morning he goes out to do his business.. comes in then gets his food.

Sometimes, he will hang out at edge of kitchen- til I tell him to 'get', lol.  He then sneaks down to my sons room.

So, he knows he is not going to hang around me while i prep our meals. (meaning it's not for him)- he's not getting it.


Anyways.. is good on YOU that you are at him & he's picking up on that.  As for your Bf, he really should pick up the slack with 'his pet'.  Child or not.. one needs to know limits. (even kids need to be told/taught).

Maybe you should suggest you prefer to go visit less because the dogs behaviour is getting to you.  See IF he will kick in & see what you are saying...?

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