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  1. Figure out how much you're spending on alcohol and how much better shape you'd be in as far as your unpaid rent goes if you had that extra money. Perhaps it will help incentivize you to get the help you sorely need to quit drinking.
  2. This is an extremely dysfunctional and unhealthy way to think. It's very concerning that you see nothing wrong with it. I'm going to gently suggest that you seek professional help and discuss your alcohol abuse with your therapist and explain how you validate and justify it.
  3. gamon


    Clearly he holds all the power in the relationship. That's not good, for so many reasons. Start by, well, getting a grip on yourself.
  4. When I was a young kid in grade school one day we invited this kid from the neighborhood to our house to play with us after school. I think my mom felt sorry for him since he had no friends because he was slow and weird. After he went home we found a pile of crap in the toy closet. He was never invited back to our house again. This thread brought back that long forgotten memory.
  5. You say you understand the concept of no contact and then you proceed to make a statement that makes it clear you don't understand the concept of no contact. It's to heal, like you said, nothing to do with trying to get an ex back. It's paradoxical- you need to really give up on your dumper, then and only then will they possibly see that you're moving on and get curious and come around looking for you, but that doesn't happen very often and when it does it usually fails because the same problems that led to the breakup are still there.
  6. What an incredibly hostile, judgemental and useless post directed to a person who might be suicidal. To the Op- you might want to seriously approach him about putting your daughter in a home and having him help with the expense, he might be more than willing if that's the main issue here.
  7. No, restraining orders don't just aggravate and encourage the recipient to go to the house - they tend to discourage the recipient from going as is their purpose. If an order is in effect and emergency services are called, they will get priority. Some will ignore a restraining order of course, and if they do they will be arrested which will usually prevent further transgressions. A lawyer is not needed for a restraining order in most cases.
  8. Fix the drinking. That's a problem that keeps on giving.
  9. Your ex girlfriend is like heroin to a drug addict or booze to an alcoholic. She feels REALLY good when you're intimate with her- then she's gone and you got the withdrawal going and the pain is intense and the only fix you can imagine is another round with her. It only ends when she either dumps you for good or you find the strength to quit. Until then it's a really unhealthy cycle. Plus she's using you and preventing you from moving on with your life and meeting a woman who will treat you well.
  10. No, the police would come and interview you, him and any witness and they'd decide if there's any merit to his accusations. They don't just come and lock you up based on something he said.
  11. Do not believe anything he says. He does not have your best interests in mind.
  12. She follows you because she still misses you to some degree but as you posted on the other thread you really hurt her by telling her you never wanted to speak to her again. Somethings cannot be unsaid. Best thing you can do for yourself, and for her is to respect her wish to be apart, and block all her social media since you cannot stop yourself from looking at it. That's the fastest way to get over her and who knows she just might get curious as to where the heck you went and come looking. But don't expect it and don't wait around for it.
  13. Or you're stressing her out or annoying the crap out of her for reasons you are simply able to see, accept and understand. Same thing happened to me not long ago. She actually called me during a vacation and told me how much less stressed and anxious she was feeling with me gone. I was wondering if my stuff would be on the front lawn when I got back. But in my case the reason was fairly obvious yet I was unaware how much it was really affecting her.
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