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  1. I'm just going to address only the lying, others have made it clear what to do about your incredibly violent and dysfunctional relationship. Don't do it man. With her or anyone else. It's cowardly, deceptive, trust and relationship destroying and just plain wrong. Either don't do whatever it is you're lying about, or stand your ground and say "This is what I do and I'm going to keep right on doing it" and let them make their own choice as to whether or not they'll stick around.
  2. I put my 13 year old hound dog down a few months ago. Tough decision but her quality of life was poor. A few things to consider. We almost always outlive our pets, given the lifespans of humans vs domesticated animals it's almost a given. If they don't die naturally we're going to have to make the call sooner or later, it's only a matter of when. I did a ton of reading on euthanasia and one thing that really resonated was that pet owners who have put down several pets (over time) do it sooner each consecutive time because they realize that it's more humane for the animal rather than allowing it to suffer. Almost always it's "I waited too long" rather than "did I act too soon". 17 years is really old for a cat, it's like 120 in human years.
  3. I think the nature and tone of the post triggered me. To paraphrase... "I presume you had a vasectomy, RIGHT??!!" As if there were no other possible options and not having a vasectomy is a sure sign of some sort of undiagnosed mental illness or at least outright stupidity. Reminds me of the antagonistic tone my exwife's attorneys would take when they were drilling me under cross examination in an attempt to extract every last possible dime out of me. Her attorney would usually start with "Isn't it true that..." and then start flinging wild accusations at me hoping to throw me off balance and possibly land a hit.
  4. These user types seem to lack a conscience, know how to charm women, and have no qualms about lying through their teeth and saying things they know their victim wants to hear. If it helps at all, know that this guy is probably unhappy deep down inside. He'll probably die alone and miserable. Although I do sort of envy the fact that he's screwing so many different women and getting away with it.
  5. The Op is here asking for advice as to whether or not to continue the relationship, he's not looking to have a discussion about the birds and the bees. Whether he, or I, or any other of the zillions of guys out there who are not interested in having children get vasectomies is not the business of a random internet stranger, unless a thread is written to the effect of "I don't want more kids should I have a vasectomy"?
  6. She gets the best parking space in front of his house.
  7. That's because she's slid her way into the driver's seat. You're in the back seat scrounging around for your testicles. Find them, pick them up and take the wheel.
  8. Why in the world would you assume that? I'm not having kids again and I didn't get a vasectomy, wouldn't even consider it. It's also irrelevant to the issue
  9. Things certainly seem one-sided in your relationship. How much of this is because you allow it? For example why do you spend almost every night at her place, why isn't it more evenly balanced? Unless there's logistics (roommates, etc). As far as the family thing, have you brought it up? Have you suggested a compromise? "Look honey I don't mind spending time with your family but there's gotta be reciprocation here". That sort of thing. Maybe you're too passive.
  10. Ok Lisa wasn't the girl that he had sex with who harassed them after the fact. Strike the possible plot hole from the record. I'm working another theory. Assuming all the facts are accurate as presented, him being a nutjob isn't the only possibility.
  11. That's one possibility. That the guy is so crazy he thinks that two different women he had sex with and was in relationships with are the same person. But it's not the only possibility.
  12. Your boyfriend lied to you about an ex for the duration of your relationship. That's bad. His interests are self serving, he's dishonest, deceptive, and looking to take care of his own needs at the expense of yours. In other words, he'll do or say whatever he thinks will further his own goals, at the expense of yours, if necessary. Worse yet you jumped right into something with a new guy without getting over the first guy. Take a breath and don't be with anyone for a while. By "a while" I mean more than 24 hours. A LOT more.
  13. Nice story but I see a plot hole. He had sex with both of you. Several times. Yet he believes you are one and the same person who somehow tricked him into thinking you were two different people. Explain that one. This is one of the longest posts I've ever read. It could have been condensed to less than 1/4 of it's length by leaving out all the irrelevant stuff such as "The sex was great, we listened to lots of music, we hiked in the rain, he took photographs, made us breakfast, we saw wild turkeys and a bear, it was pretty neat".
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