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  1. You're not doing the relationship if "it doesn't change". That's not ending the relationship that's an ultimatum. Unfortunately ultimatums don't work.
  2. He's probably acting like a typical 20 something year old. Well a typical 20 year old with a bit of a drinking problem. Bigger problem is he's about to be a father
  3. Probably a weak moment, nothing more. Don't grab for scraps.
  4. He's probably not ignoring your calls, odds are he's unconscious.
  5. She was dumped by her ex - she didn't want the relationship to end because she still had strong feelings for him. She was in no way ready to date someone new, you were nothing more than a rebound. Sorry it happened hopefully you'll be more cautious going forward and not date people fresh out of long term relationships.
  6. If a person said to me to "never contact them again" I'd move on with my life rather than asking if random strangers ever had that said to them and did the person who said it ever change their mind as if that would even matter to the person asking the question. Every situation is different. What is more troubling is that you don't take a clear "no" for an answer.
  7. You had the opportunity to express gratitude while you were together by being supportive. You were not because you were "unable to because of your childhood". Well now it's too late. Sending the letter after the fact is akin to saying "I know I blew it and never expressed gratitude or listened to you when you told me you I was not supportive but now that you dumped me I want you to know I always cared and appreciate what you did for me". It's not productive. If anything it's a thinly veiled attempt to say "I miss you please give me another chance"
  8. You don't know him as well as you think you do.
  9. This same person is posting multiple threads under different user names on a completely different forum and creating a lot of confusion.
  10. Clearly she was using you and taking advantage big time. Once you cut off the spigot she had no further use for you. Good riddance.
  11. Yes you are worrying unnecessarily. It's already happened.
  12. He'll want to spend all the time in the world with you after you dump him.
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