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  1. Choose your battles. This isn’t a good one. Trying to catch her in a lie with all of that “Are you SURE you showed me all the videos” is controlling, possessive and immature. The only thing you will get from such continued behavior is being dumped.
  2. Trying to change for another person. and not being an ‘idiot’ (your word not mine) shows you care about them and their needs. Attempting to change after being dumped means it’s about you and trying to get what you want. It’s selfish and really shows how much you need to really change before you consider dating her or anyone else for that matter. Start by showing her you care by respecting her wishes and leave her alone.
  3. How should you feel? Feelings aren’t optional. If you’re good with her banging other guys and you want to hook up with other girls then go have fun. If you’re not ok with it then tell her it’s not going to happen on your watch. If she’s not agreeable then there’s only one solution.
  4. You should ask yourself why you allow yourself to be disrespected and humiliated. She’s giving inappropriate attention to other men and hiding it from you. That’s cheating. Doesn’t have to be intercourse to qualify.
  5. This is the second time you are replying to a spambot. You should know better!
  6. I'm not seeing her as anything more than a girl who cares about you but gets overwhelmed by your depression and other mental issues while struggling with her own. You require a ton of reassurance and it's going to be hard if not impossible to find someone who is going to give you what you need. The word for it is "high maintenance".
  7. I'm in the same or very similar situation now with my girlfriend and her 18 year old son. Suffice it to say that she will always come first, her needs will prioritize those of your relationship and given the amount of enabling, permissiveness and lack of discipline you're seeing now, it's going to get worse.. a LOT worse before it starts getting better either when she moves out to go to college or hits her mid 20s when they finally start to grow up. But even then she'll always be a big part of his life and if you two don't get along it's going to be a proverbial "thorn in the side" sort o
  8. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face. This week hasn't been an easy one for me either. I hope yours gets better.
  9. Expressing gratitude for your Fiancee wouldn't be a bad idea. A heck of a lot better than getting on her when she reaches her limit with your son after she's worked all day long and having to take over from you- who is bored because you're home all day long.
  10. You seem to be taking her for granted. He's your child, not hers. You don't have the responsibility of a job- she does. You minimize her workload and make it sound like she's got it so easy.
  11. He's your son, he's autistic, he's got problems, he's a ton of work, you're unemployed, she works full time. You expect way too much of her. If she leaves you'll be hard pressed to find someone else whose wiling to take her place and help raise him.
  12. When I got the notification that you quoted me my first thought was that you thanked me for the advice.
  13. OMG just click the heart icon to the lower right of the post you want to thank!
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