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Why is the question im stuck at ........


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I hereby prove that humanity is god's mistake on this planet .


ok i was going through a porn website , i looked at the girl's face


and i suddenly visiualized this human being born a small girl that came


to life , it's mother holding it between her hands happy and then going to


school waking up , eating korn flakes , getting a lunch box then growing


up , playing on the bike , then going to college a whole life just went infront


of my eyes and this is the girl that is actually posing nude infront of me


and to everyone ....




good luck everyone.

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why are you so angry about porn? Men like sex without any emotional content, it is a fact of life. And many men, especially nice guys, are rejected by women.

In effect, you are saying that men should accept it if they are rejected by women, and go without sex. I think that the ability to buy sex is a great leveller. Long live the sex industry!

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not that i agree with porn at all, i think its demeaning, there are other ways to make money and be accepted...just in the end its your choice, it was her choice to show her body to the world and you might be doing something that other people would be looking at you and sayin you were once so innocent...your parents most probably.

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I know what your saying. It's a shame that some woman choose that path and a shame that men like it. Sex should be something private and special, not just physical but spiritual.


When I look at this world I think about

You... eight years old

Big blue eyes and a heart of gold

When I look at this world I think about

You... and I can't help but see

That every woman used to be

Somebody's little girl... I think about you

"I think about you..." Colin Raye

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