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Sit up front with friend or sit in back with girlfriend?


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If you are in a car with your significant other and their friend or family is driving, is it rude for them to sit in the front and leave you by yourself in the backseat? I was just wondering because I had always seen couples opting to sit together even with the front seat being available, and when the guy I was up until recently dating did this and I asked him why he wasn't in the back with me, he told me his brother wasn't a taxi cab driver. Was he just being an a-hole? Am I wrong in thinking he should have been sitting in back with me?

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I've seen some who opt for it too. I don't know. I don't like it because it leaves the driver by themselves.


I normally drive but what I do is that either me or my boyfriend will sit in the front, depending on whose friend or relative is driving. If I am to he in the back, I like to sit directly behind my SO.

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I've only ever seen one couple sitting in the back seat together while the driver was sitting alone and that was the Queen and Prince Philip. Please don't tell me you dumped your boyfriend because he chose to sit with his brother instead of you.

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It's not like he's leaving you alone at night in a crack infested neighborhood, you're only in the back seat of the car 2 feet from him for heaven's sake!


the normal 'etiquette' when people get into a car together is to fill up the front seats first, then the back seats. So if there are 3 people, 2 in front one in back.


If you are going to fight over silly things like this then your relationship will never last. You're not a delicate fragile flower or a baby who will fall apart if he doesn't constantly hover over you and sometimes pays attention to something else other than you, including his brother.

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Am I wrong in thinking he should have been sitting in back with me?


Yes. It's customary for someone to sit beside the driver whether they're a couple or not.


Once my husband and I sat together in the back while my daughter was driving, but that's because we were going to sleep for half an hour and she piled all her stuff in the passenger seat.

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My sister's 19 and her boyfriend's 20. The only time they're not joined at the hip is when they're joined at the mouth.

I think I'm going to buy a taxi meter.




I've seen both. I think it's more rude if he didn't sit by the driver. The driver is not a chauffeur. If there are others who can sit by the driver, then I would expect my bf to sit by me. Though if they didn't, it's not a big deal.

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So your friend is gonna drive..then you leave him in the front by himself ...lol..if my friend did that i would be like dude..wth are doing...


if you want to be part of the convos just sit in the middle sit ..move up a little and join in the conovo..or sometimes my ex would rub my neck or a short back massage..everyone wins lol

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We did not argue over it, my response was 'I see' and nothing more, and I am just fine with sitting in the back seat by myself if that is what is acceptable, which is what my post was trying to determine. Perhaps I'm a little under socialized, and this is my first relationship. But thank you all for your presumptions in answering. As to everyone else who answered with some patience and politeness, I believe I've gotten my answers, thank you.

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