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are you a <> if you kiss three guys during breakup

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My boyfriend for about 2 years broke up with me during that time he kissed and sorta hooked up with his best friend. Me on the other head I went out dating . In that time I made out with a guy I was seeing and kissed two others. Me and my boyfriend are back together now and he said it was **** like to kiss that many guys.We were broke up for 4 months and all I did was kiss no sex or anything . He got mad because when me and started to catch up like talking and him still not making up his mind whether he wanted to pursue me I went out with the last guy #3 I was seeing previous not really dating but at the end of the date I gave him a peck on the lips. My boyfriend now thinks I was going from guy to guy and thinks its **** like, now I feel down about it because I love him and don't want him to think that about me


Was he correct ?? is kissing three guys in a span of 4 months ****ty if I was dating at the time of our breakup, he said he kissed only one , but he wasnt dating , just his best friend ??

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First, I would like to point out that if he hooked up with his "best friend", she's not his "best friend", she's a girl who likes him that he hooks up with. Sorry... I hate it when people (your bf) uses misleading labels... it's a pet peeve of mine.


And now I have to ask... why do you want to be with someone who can call you such names? It's entirely disrespectful. He's saying that stuff to make you feel bad.


No - I don't think you did anything wrong, and I don't think you were promiscuous. You were single.

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Nothing wrong with you. He's a jerk for trying to make you feel bad, and I agree with RedDress that he is saying those things to try to make you feel guilty. His behavior is a red flag to me.


Kissing three guys while you're single- just fine.

Telling your gf she's a **** for having kissed other guys when you weren't even together- sign of emotionally abusive guy or a guy with seriously f-ed views about women.


My advice is to leave him and find more other guys to kiss.

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That's hot


If people are going to judge you because you made out with three guys and are single, then it's their problem. Do whatever makes you happy.


Haters gonna hate. it's always nice to see a guy you get back together with pushes low standards for you when you weren't with him /sarcasm.


And if he can't get over this, then it's a real mistake to go back to him.

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