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  1. Our joint bank account is purely put money into it, direct debits come out. We put a set amount in each month that covers the bills and groceries only. No extra. We have no overdraft facilities on it and you can't take out any loans/credits cards etc without both parties agreeing. We had it even before we got married as we lived together for 2 years first. I get what you are saying, as it can be dangerous, but there are way to take measures to make it safe. Although I have just looked into it and it says it can affect your credit score...so there is that to consider.
  2. What me and my husband do is we both have seperate bank accounts, then we have a joint account where we both agreed how much we'd each put in a month based on our incomes. So he earns more so he puts in more. Then all the bills/groceries go out of that joint account and whatever is left in our accounts after paying into the joint is our own.
  3. My best friends mum had a brain tumor about eight years ago. She found out she had it due to becoming very forgetful and confused. They removed the tumor and all is good. She has regular check ups and everything looks great. Also my next door neighbour had one around 15 years ago and she is absoloutly fine nowI'm not sure if she had it removed she just said she had one but was fine now. I've heard of other people having them and to be fair everyone I know whose had a benign tumor has been fine. Brain cancer is a whole different ballgame. I know that hearing tumor...even if it is benign has to be terrifying. But I have every faith you will be just fine.
  4. Checking in. Hope all is still going well for you. Thinking of you!
  5. Take as much time as you need. It's positive that he is willing to do what it takes and that he is genuinley remorseful and being supportive of your decision either way. Pretty sure everything your feeling is completely normal for someone in this situation. I hope whatever happens you can find happiness again with or without him.
  6. I truly believe you have handled everything very well and have shown him more compassion and support than I would have been able too in your situation. My honest opinion is he is or was on a slippery slope of questionable desires/pornography. I know that I could not be with my husband if I found out what you have, but then again I forgave my husband for something I never though I could (I'm sure you remember) I know how hard it is to think of splitting up with someone you share a child with and who you've shared your entire adult life with. Whatever you decide there is no right or wrong in the eyes of us here at ENA. Only what is right for you and your family. Also I totally understand not wanting to be intimate. I'd feel exactly the same. I think it's wise that you are taking time to make this decision and that you have helped him as well. Does he seem like he truly wants to make it work?
  7. I have only just seen this and I am sending you all my love and support. I don't have any advice but I am just sending my love
  8. My husband is a scorpio and he is nothing but kind gentle and respectful. I'm a scorpio. My dads a scorpio and none of us are abusive or unkind and my dad has never had a bad word to say to my mum. Please get help and get away from this situation.
  9. I'm a scorpio and I don't behave like an abusive bully.
  10. ^^ That is quite harsh. I know several people that have made long distance relationships work through college/university and through work. Like couples in the armed forces it's part of the territory. It's not the long distance it's the fact he is a cheater. I'm sure he'd have done the same if they were seeing eachother regularly. You do deserve better OP.
  11. Happy Birthday in heaven to Liam Godbless you Victoria and all you've been through and godbless your little boy xxx
  12. I'm glad you dad is doing ok. Praying for a quick recovery for him
  13. I've read up to book 3 of the mortal instruments. I must read the other two! I didn't realise there WERE two more.
  14. I'm reading Wool - by Hugh Howey Amazing series of books. It's set in a silo built underground in a post apocalyptic earth. One of the best books I've read in a LONG time. Basically there are loads of levels of the silo. The only way to get to them is stairs. Each level does different things like there is a farming level, IT level, mechanics level. The more important people live nearer the top. ALSO there are screens on the top level that show the outside world which is all barren and horrible. Every so often they send a person out in what's called 'The Cleaning' and the person has to go out and clean the sensors that project the pictures onto the screens. They always die in the process as earth is full of toxins etc now. One of the biggest mysteries is WHY do they clean these sensors when they have been sent out to die? This isn't even giving ANYTHING away at all. There are 8 books in the main Wool series then 3 more prequel books in the 'Shift' 'Wool' series.
  15. Stop playing the games. Stop letting her treat you like this.
  16. Its weird, my guy is the perfect gentleman in the way of buying flowers, perfume, and paying for everything. But he doesnt open the car door. But it doesnt bother me. Hes just a nice generous person. These days relationships should be more equal, like, do you open the car door for him?! My boyfriend WANTS to be generous etc and pay for stuff and gets offended if I try, but I repay him in buying him little gifts and writing nice notes etc. Its all give and take. I guess like everyone said just sit and wait in the car until he opens it orrr stand by it before getting in.
  17. It sounds like he couldnt deal with the pressure of being unable to perform. If theres nothing physically wrong maybe its mental? Like could he be depressed? Is his job stressing him out more than you know? It seems like he can't cope with his life, and hes ended up blaming you for his own failures. You did nothing wrong, you were as supportive as you could be, of course it was going to get to you every now and then. Im sorry this has happened. I really do know how you feel *~hugs*
  18. Mine are a D but i wear support bras sometimes with padding, just because I like the shape and definition they give.
  19. I had to do what your thinking of. I ended it, despite the fact he was the one that wantd it over he just wouldnt say it.
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