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I am 17 and have never had a girlfriend. I am now a senior in high school I am in a class thats very active. Kind of like ASB or something. Anyways everyone knows eachother and there are lots of afterschool stuff. This girl broke up with her boyfriend of 3 years but I guess they are still friends. He graduated last year but he still sometimes goes to the stuff afterschool to help out. Shes very nice and always looking to help someone. Anyways it was obvious that she kind of wanted me to ask her to homecoming but I never went to one and I didnt want to get in over my head kind of a deal. She would keep asking if I was going and I would say I dont know etc. She ended up asking me to goto homecoming with here since I didn't.

We went with a group of both of our friends. I had never gone to a dance or anything so I was pretty nervous. Didn't really know what to talk about in the car etc. Dinner was a little awkard for a few reasons. One of the girls in the group was really hyper and kept fooling with her date who didn't want it. And her ex kept getting brought up about how they were all asked to look out for here. Which is kind if funny cause everyone knows i'm kind of shy etc. We arrive at the dance and kind of sorta stand around since it was all rap. The first slow dance we got pretty close and the dance went a lot better after that. I hadn't danced before but I don't think it went bad. During all the crap songs we didn't really "dance" but I had my hand on her shoulder and her arm around my back till the next slow song. Anyways at the end I think we both had a good time and i walked her to her door where we hugged and departed.

I don't know where to go from here. We don't have any classes together but we both eat lunch in the same class room and see eachother every tuesday and thursday for afterschool stuff. She gave me a backrub while listening to someone talk the last thursday but I don't really know what to talk about around her.


-Yeah I know this is long and make any sense but where do I go from here. I may be getting a job at the movie theatre and you ca bring someone with you for free. So if I got that I thought I may just casualy ask her if theres been a movie shes been wanting to see but... I don't know what to do. If your still readying thanks again.

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Hey, well first of all good job with everything so far. Im 18 and i can tell that most likely she likes you. I would do the same things if i liked a guy. Just ask her to do something the next time you see her. Like you said about the movies, take her out next weekend and see where things go from there. Dont wait to long to ask her becaus eyou dont want to discourage her. I know if i was her, Id be sitting there waiting for you to ask me to do sumthing, and if you didnt after a long period of time i would get sad and loose hope that you like me. Maybe thats me, but Im sure a lot of girls can relate to that, all my friends do. So just go with it, and youll be fine.

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Just be honest with her about your feelings. Ask her to a movie or to hang out together, something casual and fun. From there show your interested in her, listen to her, smile at her. And be more confident in yourself. Your not a loser and she obviously doesn't think you are one. She seems to really like you. Be honest and let her know you want to hang out with her more but are shy and wants to take it slow. Spend time together and see what happens from there.

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You silly boy! Do I have to come over there and hit you over the head with a club? This girl is REALLY into you! We don't give backrubs to just anyone! And especially not in front of other people! It sounds like she genuinely likes you. Sure, invite her to the movies, but you should also do stuff together where you can talk. Go to lunch, dinner, coffee, fairs, amusement parks, sports games, the mall, etc. Have fun!

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Well. I was going to ask her out....... But she beat me to it and said "I would like to ask you out on a date". I told her that I was going/planning on asking her. We started talking about when / where but had to go. Any Ideas. We kinda thought maybe movie. But anythings open. Thinking Thursday cause we have school off. Should we go early afternoon or?? Also this would be my first date, so I don't really now what to expect. Anything is helpful thanks.

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