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"You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain't about how hard ya hit, it's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward"---Rocky Balboa


It happened. The break-up. Your life as you knew it changed in an instant. Everything you had that seemed so rock solid was now nothing more than a million shattered pieces on the ground. There stands your ex. It's uncanny. Just a few moments earlier they could be claimed as "yours" and vice-versa. No longer. They loom above you like a puppetmaster pulling all the strings and calling all the shots. You used to have the deck split pretty evenly, but now they hold all 52 cards. Your jaw is still sitting on the living room floor and your head is spinning like you were sucker punched by God Himself.


"It's not really over. I can talk them out of this", you think to yourself.


You look around your house and see all of the things you bought together. Pictures of you two in happier times. As of this moment, you are now just roommates. Just a few moments ago you were a team. Well, your partner just became the General Manager and requested a trade. You're still reeling trying to comprehend what just happened.


"Did a bomb go off in here? My ears are ringing and I feel so disoriented. Who's that with me in that picture? It looks like my significant other, but the person standing in front of me now is not the same person who is in that picture".


Seconds feel like hours. Minutes feel like days. Days feel like weeks. Your food may as well be fecal matter and your bed a torture rack. Eating and sleeping are out of the question. You have so much to do but your brain just won't work. "Them, them, them, them, them."


A million questions rush through your head like a speeding train destined to derail.


"What if? If only. What if? If only. Why? How? Why? WHY!?"


You come to the stark realization that it's just you now. Pictures are coming down from the spots they called home for years...maybe decades. You're finding your things in boxes. You can't even bear looking at them. It's like acid in your eyes. There's your life in boxes packed with love by the "Destroyer of Hopes and Dreams". Later as you unpack your life you will find items that you gave to them that they have no use for anymore.


"Hmmm, there's the diamond necklace I bought her. Could've sworn it was a baseball bat by the way my guts ache from seeing it"


Days turn into weeks, weeks into months. You can't believe how much time has already passed. It's yesterday and ancient history all at once.


They have their life. You have yours. They made a wrong turn at that last intersection.



Well now that all of that is over, it's time to pick some of those shattered pieces off of the floor and glue them back together. You stood on two legs before them and you will be damn sure to stand on two legs after. Stand up, brush off the dust, look in the mirror and tell yourself that it will be fine. Every moment you realize it's been longer than the last time since you thought of them, it's a little victory.


You will laugh. You will enjoy life. You will flirt with other people. Hell, you get to experience sex with someone new if that's your thing. You can do what you want. Don't feel like unloading the dishwasher? Don't do it! Need milk at the house but think you can survive another day without it? Go for it! Who's going to scold you for it? NOBODY! You get to live for yourself now. Feel like blowing a day's vacation from work just because? Hell yeah! It's your vacation! Use it how you feel fit.


So you're in Wal-Mart to get some essentials and see a Blu-Ray Surround Sound system on sale that you just gotta have at that moment? If ya got the extra cash, BUY IT! Who's going to tell you no? (I was actually guilty of this one on Sunday)



The point of all of this is you have to live and love to live. Life flies by way to damn fast to be holding on to the ghosts of days gone by. I'm not saying to not cherish memories and the time you spent together, but it's time to blow the candle out. You know damn well they aren't holding one for you.


Like Rocky said, it's not about how hard you can hit, but about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. Life doesn't stop. Time doesn't slow down. Every second you waste pining away at the past is one second closer to the grave.


Weather the storm. Grin and bear it, even after taking a bite of the proverbial sh*t sandwich. You owe it to yourself, because in the end, that's all you truly have.

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