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Coton candy with a mix of marrykate ashley Cinnomen spray is BOMB...


And Vanilla bean and vanilla sugar is awesome and a lot of guys like those smells because it smells like sweets cooking.


I HATE SWEET PEA! Blaaah i use to like it but now i cant stand it for some reason. Victorias secret "Love spell" It can be nice if u spray like one spray onto ur neck and wrist but when ppl shower thamselve with it really gives me a head ache.


Victorias secret perfumes are really good tho like "heavenly" But if u spray to much of that You might get on some ppls nerves lol.


Guys...For some reason i have wondered the same thing. Because the only reason us girls wear perfume is to impress all of you lol...So what smells do u really like on a girl.

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Most guys won't say anything even if they hate the scent. As long as the female they're with looks good, they won't complain. That is the truth.


speak for yourself. if a girl smells bad, i won't find her attractive. i think it's worse than looking bad.


i don't know what my last girlfriend used, but i loved the way she smelt (even though i never told her). really drove me crazy.



btw, girls, what scents drive you wild?

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c'mon girls. answer the question!


There was a men's cologne that I liked called "Pimp" and Gadzooks used to sell it back when it was a male/female store. It had a kind of citrus scent to it, it's really nice anything with that kind of scent to it.

Sorry I can't be more specific.

I dont know what my boyfriend wears now but it's nice. I think it's Polo or Ralf Lauren brands-- something like those. Good stuff.

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Calvincline - "CrAvE" It is so hot on a guy. Seriously it really makes you want to be closer to the guy whos wearin it...I like that one cheap stuff called "Bod" It really is good...


G u Y s


I answered for yall But im still wonderin what kind of smells turn yall on? Do you like "flowery smells with a hint of spice"? Or do u like more "cakey Bakery" kind ofsmells? lol i want to get a really good perfume because im real big on the way i smell or whatever lol...Im a dork but still i wanna know.

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My favorite perfume in the WORLD (at least right now) is Versace woman. I obsessed over it for a while and pointed it out to some of my guy friends (all my friends are guys actually, lol) and they said they liked it. Ladies, at least go to your local Sephora and give it a sniff. It's heavenly!

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