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cheating on my long distance relationship ??

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ive been dating my bf for 7 months. i never thought i would want to cheat on him but i do now. i know i should just break up with him so i can have real guiltless fun with other guys but the only reason i keep holding on to him is because i really do love him and for the breaks when i am home and stuff. we do fight alot but mostly its bc we fight about the distance and how he cant understand why i cant come home and why i dont get why he cant get to me. would it be wrong (well i know it would be wrong) so is it bad for me to cheat on him while im at school and consider myself broken up with him when im here but when i talk to him adn see him "everything is fine in the relationship and i love him" bc i do love him, im just bored and i need to ahve fun with guys. ugh im so confused....

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Yes it is wrong. That is called having your cake and eating it too, and is not only wrong, but very very hurtful to someone you supposedly love. Not only would you be cheating on him, but lying to him which is just inexcusable.


Break it off with him, he deserves someone who will be committed and treat him right. Don't try to justify how it could work, or how you love him...because if you really did this would not even be on your mind.

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Yes. It would be wrong. And you know that.


Do this guy a favor and end the relationship. You are not ready for a commitment, and he needs to know this.


I'm glad you came here for advice before you did anything. I am pretty sure in your heart you realize that cheating has devastating consequences.


I know that a confrontation with your boyfriend won't be pleasant, but the fact is, you are far away and in school, and seem to not have the same commitment to the relationship you once did. That does not make you a bad person. However, if you cheat on him, then that will be doing something pretty bad.

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I dont think you love him, if you feel that you want to cheat on him, if you truly loved him you would never want to cheat, i think you dont want to end it as you would be on your own, but that is wrong,


you owe to to him and it owwe it to yourself, if you truly love him you will not cheat, but if you still feel like cheating maybe you should tell him you want to end it!

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You already know what you should do in this situation. You feel guilty about cheating on your bf. Having an affair outside of ur relationship isnt something that you seem to be able to handle because you seem to be lost. Situations like this seem inevitable when people are outgoing and have long distance relationships. Learn this lesson and learn it well. When you are mature enough to handle the long distance thing then you wont stray. Have your fun now cuz you are ready for that level of commitment.

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I agree with Scout 100%. Long distance relationships are a huge committment, and if you are not ready for that you need to let him know right away. And no, it would be completely unacceptable for you to have your fun with however many guys at school, then come home to your boyfriend and have a normal relationship with him. That is impossible. Please do yourselves both a favour by ending this relationship. He will probably be hurt, but it would hurt him much more if you keep leading him on. Good luck to you.

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I know it sounds really bad in theory & it is..but I can understand how you feel (sorta.) I'm in a long-distance relationship & have found myself having a crush on another guy (who was unavailable anyways) but never did anything about it. That made me question how committed I am to this relationship as well..although I suppose everyone has crushes. But I started to think about if I really want this (I'm not sure if I love him in the same way anymore, although I still do really care about him) but I know intuitively that cheating would be wrong. Technically, sure I could get away with it & have 'double the fun' perhaps, but I know I would feel guilty about it & be hurting someone I really care for and who still loves me. So you should break it off if you think you're not ready..that is what I am considering now as well, and it hurts (I made another post about it yesterday if you want to see..) but perhaps it's for the best.

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