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Am I being ridiculous?


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I'll start at the beginning. My best friend in the entire world, I'll call her L, her dad was killed in a car accident. As we are best friends, I was by her side nonstop for about a week. In the middle of all this, my boyfriend was pressuring me into hanging out saying, "C'ome on babe, you have some free time." Him asking me this really pissed me off, and was unfair so I ended us. We had been dating almost 9 months. This wasn't the only factor though, he's always been clingy and sensitive, and always thinks he's right. Even when I apologized for something, he'd still be mad and it wasn't a healthy relationship at all. Now, he has started to talk to one of my friends. He goes to a different school than I, but this girl goes to school with me. She and I aren't that close by any means. She did one of those "truth is" on facebook last week, and on my wall she wrote, "truth is I'm sorry you and (i'll call him B) B broke up, i miss you and we should chill soon( and then for some reason my ex also liked the status and on his wall, "truth is I think you're cute, and you should text me(;" So they're talking now. I only introduced them once, briefly, it was literally a 2 second encounter. At first this really bothered me, but now I just figure whatever. She asked me in the halls two days ago if it was okay that they were talking and I just say, "Yeah, people can talk to who they want" And she goes, "Oh thank you, I just don't want you to hate me when we start dating" At this point I was fuming inside. They have been TEXTING for a week, how do they like each other? So then yesterday I get a text from my friend (M) that says, "Do you know that T (that's what I'll call her) is telling people you cheated on B, because that's what he told her, and now T told me, not knowing that we were friends" I flipped. I did not cheat on him, I gave up all my guy friends for him, because he had a problem with that during our relationship, me having guy friends. I am NOT the kind of girl to cheat. But for him to tell her that, and her to pass it along. I am pissed. I called B, and I screamed at him for 20 minutes about just how wrong and screwed up the situation is, and the best part was, he had nothing to say in his defense, so obviously he knows that I'm right. I've talked to at least 10 friends of mine, and they're like it's bull * * * * , you should stop being friends with her & him. I'm not the kind of girl that can hate someone though. In this situation, I'm looking for any kind of advice, suggestions on what I should do, input on what you think of this whole mess. Thanks so much, I appreciate it!

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