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Something special for 3-months?


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This weekend is the three month mark with my girlfriend. We see each other 2-3 times a week and things seem to be great and balanced. She dropped an "I love you", just once, two weeks ago but I'm not ready to say it. It has been a long time since my last true relationship.


I want to do something a bit unexpected (ie. different) but no where near over the top. Aside from birthday flowers and buying occasional meals, I haven't done much as far as gifts. She hasn't either, but she did write me a very nice card thanking me for the flowers (about two months ago) and I found out earlier this week she was thinking about sending another one.


I've thought about writing her a card and maybe a single rose but don't want anything pressuring or committal. The flower is optional, but I think it's time to share some feelings and am struggling not to say too much or be sappy. I haven't copied it verbatim so it reads a bit ad-libbed, but this is what I came up with:


Dear ******,


It's been three months and looking back, I smile at all the great times we've had so far. From x, y and z, I realize that these times were special because you were with me.


You are . I sincerely appreciate your effort in setting up dates and have noticed the thoughtful little things you do. I love how we can have fun together and also communicate openly.


You should know how much I value our time together and miss you when we're not. I am lucky to have you and can't wait to see what's in store for the future.


Happy 3-months! -********



I know I'm being over-analytical (it's a curse). Any thoughts/suggestions on what I wrote or other ideas for this weekend would be appreciated.

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Well done. If you can't say I love you, I would stay away from the love word in your letter.. Perhaps I find it how we can have fun together and also communicate openly. Since she has already let you know she loves you she will be looking for it in return and you do not want to lead her on. If you do love her let her know. btw.. you should not worry about being sappy as long as you are not always sappy. A heartfelt note, on occasion, expressing your true feelings is not sappy. This type of note, every other day... maybe sappy.

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Why not draw a heart after "Happy Three Months" image removedand then sign your name in the note.


Drawing a heart is not the same as the word "love" or saying "I love you". It's a more flirty/causal symbol than the word is.


If the heart spooks you then add some less intimidating "xoxoxo's"

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Thanks everyone, the card was an unexpected hit. It never had the word love in there, that was just from my short-hand.


I left out hearts and kisses because I'm more a face-to-face person when it comes to that. She knows I love her based on my actions, and she's going to hear it this weekend. Thanks again ENA!

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