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Starving dog jumps out of 3rd story window


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I like dogs better than I like most people.


This is a sad story, and it makes me bitter and angry, though at least this case had a somewhat happy ending.


I wish animal cruelty laws would be updated and people would face much more severe penalties. I don't care how desperate a person or people are, there's no need to abandon animals like this. There are better, more humane ways, even if it means the dog being put down because it cannot find an adoptive home.


To be perfectly honest, anyone that causes harm to an animal is most likely an evil person - just lock them away for life and be done with it. (Abuse is what I'm referring to, I'm perfectly fine with humane slaughter, and I'm ok with hunting within regulations (type of guns, caliber, etc.)so the animals don't suffer.)

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I never used to be an animal person. When Iw as a kid, I was actually quite mean to animals. I regret it so much and still am plagued with the memories of things I used to do. I bought my last dog from a breeder, not realizing there were shelters and rescues out there. It wasn't until someone heard me talking about how I couldn't wait to buy another dog that they took it upon themselves to tell me about animal overpopulation and rescues. Ive been changed ever since and rescued our current dog. I love dogs so very much and I just can't believe someone would ever do this.


I also think there should be stricter laws regarding animal cruelty.

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I would go without food myself before neglecting my pooch!!!


Same here. When my boxer was sick with cancer, she had to have a diet of chicken and rice. I was so out of money by then and struggling so hard. She had chicken and rice each meal and i had Ramen. I'd do it again, too.

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That's a handsome dog! Glad he's alright!


The sad thing is that these types of animal abuse issues are common. Negligence is so common, and people are so stupid. Lots of times, the dogs are suffering from multiple diseases such as demodex coupled with malnutrition and other parasites that honestly euthanasia would probably be the most humane thing if it gets too far, and that's just a horrible fate.


I wish animal cruelty laws would be updated and people would face much more severe penalties.


Especially considering our animal cruelty laws are like 100 years old.



What I want to know is why didn't neighbors do anything sooner? So stupid!

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It is like the case of a poor Shepard I saw on TV. His choke collar had grown into his neck with the skin partially over it. They society workers that rescue him and the vet said you could smell the rotten skin as soon as he walked in the door that is how bad it was. As soon as he had that surgery they had to do another because he had eaten another cloth and plastic collar and it had grown into his intestines!!! The vet surgeon took 8 hours to go through the dog's intestine inch by inch to extract the fibers.


This poor dog lived and got well!!! He also got a new owner. Some pet owners are truly disgusting and deserve to be in jail.


If people can not look after an animal why not surrender it to a shelter?

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