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  1. This is sort of confusing. Basically at a party for a cousin of mine (my second cousin, Lily) I was introduced to one of Lily’s other cousins. So Lily’s dad is my dad’s uncle, hence Lily is second cousin. I was introduced to one of Lily’s cousins on her moms side, Ed. Ed is my age, funny, cute etc. We really hit it off and started seeing each other (after a lot of googling and asking my family if we were related). Everything is good, but recently one of Ed’s cousins made a comment about this being incest and now I’m freaking out again. Are Ed and I related?
  2. I don't see any need to use "behavior modification" on people, but that is just me. A person is who they are, and it is not easy or always even advisable to change their personality or behavior to fit your own needs. Besides which, people differ greatly from animals - you can reward good behavior and punish bad behavior to get a dog to do what you want, but with human beings you also have the ability to verbally communicate your needs. If somebody is doing something you don't like, you can talk to them like a human being and explain yourself. I really don't think it's necessary to consciously or subconsciously use mind tricks and behavior techniques to change someone. It's not your duty or your right to mold a man into the guy you want him to be.
  3. That talk of "behavior modification" is just...scary. OP, you really can't open a door for yourself? You've been on one date with the guy, relax.
  4. Hmm thank you for the advice everyone! I wouldn't say I'm trying to be noticed, I just like the look of heels and I like feminine shoes. Nothin wrong with that right? I would wear flip flops almost 24/7 if I could but when I go to clubs/work/fancy restaurants I can't really get away with that! I guess I'm going to just have to keep trying different shoes and remedies - I was in the foot care aisle of a store before and found a few products I've not used yet, maybe I'll give them a go!
  5. I seriously feel like there is some womanly secret I'm missing out on I love shoes, I really dislike wearing sneakers and obviously you can't wear flip flops everywhere, but I just cannot comfortably wear heels. I've been wearing them for 10 years and I still don't know the secret. Every day, I see women walking long distances to work in heels, dancing in them, not looking to be in any pain whatsoever. Whereas I put on a pair of stilettos the other day and literally within 10 minutes I had two blisters and an open wound on the back of my ankle. I've tried all those Dr Scholls gel inserts, heel guards, any kind of cushion I could think of. Even if they prevent cuts, I still get sore heels/arches. I bought two brand new gel cushions for my shoes yesterday and after walking about 500 feet in them, I had a blister on my left side. I don't get it I buy the right size, sometimes even a little wide to make sure there's no rubbing. How do you women do it??
  6. It's just rambling on my part, I was thinking about it today. I mean really, what makes one relationship work over another? Is there some kind of magical formula that allows two people to stay together for 60 years, and another two to break up after 6 days? I've heard every trick in the book from the older generation for making relationships last. Don't have sex until you're married, wait a while before you have kids. Live together first. No, don't live together first. Wait, you should have premarital sex so you know what you're getting. They keep changing their minds. It's confusing. Couples that have sex before marriage get divorced. Couples who wait until they're married get divorced. Couples who have kids straight away break up, and so do couples who wait years. People who dated for 2 months beforehand end up staying together for 55 years, while couples who date for 5 years end up staying married for less than 1. You do one thing, it's no guarantee of success. You do the exact opposite, it's the same deal. You do what feels right to you, it doesn't work. You listen to the advice of others, it screws you over. Is it just me, or does it seem like relationships are a total crapshoot?
  7. Exactly! Although I have to say, lately I've found myself extremely attracted to James Gandolfini. I was watching "The Sopranos" and even though he's a big guy, when he took his shirt off I really liked it
  8. Is it odd that I would say either C or D? Don't get me wrong, I drool over Calvin Klein models and their perfectly chiseled abs, but when it comes to boyfriends--someone I can picture cuddling with and those kinds of things--"average American" guys come to mind. Like Vince Vaughn.
  9. Hi, I have exactly the same age gap as you, seven years. I met my boyfriend when I was 16 and he was 23, but we didn't begin dating until the summer before I left for University--I was 18, he was 25. We've been dating nearly a year now. So trust me, I understand the torture. During those two years that we were friends, I had romantic feelings for him, but I knew I couldn't pursue it--regardless of how great a guy I know he is, I knew the police would definitely not see it that way. But that turned out to be a blessing. Instead of jumping right into a relationship (since we couldn't), we took the time to develop a very deep friendship based on communication, trust, and strictly friend-related activities. When we actually started dating, that made everything much better, because we'd already laid the foundation of a great lasting friendship. So my advice is to wait. I know 3 years seems like an eternity--and by then, you may have found another guy . If not, then (and only then) pursue things with this guy. For now, think of it as nothing more than a friendship. No harm no foul in that.
  10. I'm not sure exactly. I know a lot of young women who would love to marry rich and mooch off their husbands forever. I'm a college student so of course I'm always broke, but I'd never dream of asking my BF (7 yrs older) to pay a single cent of anything for me. I even feel bad when he buys me gifts for holidays or birthdays. So I guess it depends on the woman. I was raised to be really independent so I don't need my BF, his money, or his stability. I'm not with him because he makes me feel secure or taken care of at all. I want a romantic partner, not a father. I'm perfectly fine on my own, even if it means I need to work 3 jobs to pay off my student loans.
  11. I moved out at 17 for University. Now I'm 19 and just about to move off campus into my own apartment, so I don't plan on moving back home.
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