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problems with girlfriend and Neighbor


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ok about 5 weeks ago a guy moved into the house next to us..and ever since my girlfriend and the guy has been getting on and geting to know each other now i see they way they look at each other sometimes and i can tell she fancys him and him with her now i have been getting odd feelings that when i go to work something cud be going on with those too meaning sex..i have been planting cameras in my room everyday and so far nothings been going on...so i stopped but yesterday i decided to put a hiden camera in there again one in my bedroom, one in front room and 1 in kitchen....i checked cameras' after and caught my girlfriend cheating on me....he knocked on door and she answered and invited him inside they were talkin in kitchen and while after in front room camera he grabbed her hand and tried to walk her upstairs to our room he locked the door and he took his clothes off and made her take hers off now she tried to stop him until he forced a snog onto her against wall naked...and they walked over to bed then and got inside it and were snoggin constantly in bed now they started having sex with each other...and few hours after that he took blankets off bed and starting having very hard sex with her it was so hard the bed was shaking to much ( hurt me sooo much seeing that ) now after i checked these cameras and found out she still has no idea i know but suddenly after that shes been very quiet to me and seems like shes bit upset...could anyone tell me why shes feeling like this?? i have even heard her crying in bathroom....please can anyone tell me why she cud be upset and advice on what to do with my relationship wud be very appreciated

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She's acting weird and distant and crying in the bathroom because she knows she cheated on you.


Also, she cheated on you, so you should probably send her packing - or move yourself out if you don't want to live next to the guy who had sex with your girlfriend while you were at work. I'm sorry but that's my number one no-no. Cheating is an absolute deal breaker for me and I don't understand couples who can forgive and forget and give it another go after the fact. It's just absolutely disgusting and at that point you know your relationship is toast. There is no justifiable reason as to why you should ever cheat on your partner in my eyes - if you're unhappy, end it or control yourself until you can work on your issues.


Just my two cents.

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You sure come up with some interesting stories I'll give you that. Sometimes you are married, sometimes not. Then we have the magic hidden camera thing.


You do realize we can trace people's accounts and link them together when they are obviously screwing around right?


Remember this?




I know I do.



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