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Is she giving me a hint???


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So last night I talked to gf for over 2 hours, maybe I am freaking out for nothing but can you give me some advice?


She's been in a bad,sour,moody moods lately and I asked her why and she said "I feel like I am stuck and don't know what to do"..

Then I asked her " Did you ever think about breaking up with me" she said "yes, to work on my self, but I am very lucky to have you and I reealize that "...

And I broke down after that, she implied saying "i quit big a brothers,sisters and told you i would stop baby sitting for you, that should show you a lot"...


But I can't stop thinking she's only 23... and we only dated for 2 months, Right now, she hates work and her family keeps fighting a lot, so that can have a lot to do with it...


I asked her if she thinks were moving too fast, she said NO, but she says she thinks I fell in love with her... She said that does not bug her but the tone of her voice says different...

She also said she almost fell in love with me but she's stopping her self because she does not want to be judged by different people(since its only been 2 months) and the fact that she isn't happy with her self.


Today, she knows I went to bed worried and I can tell she's trying to make me feel better but i think she's doing that cuz shes a nice person



Do you think I should back off, break up? Or continue to doing what I am doing? I am really falling for her.. a lot.. I don't want to get hurt.

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If she isn't happy with herself, she can't be happy in a relationship or it will just mask it. If she is worried about what other people think about the relationship, is she going to consult people on how she feels. The relationship is very new. Its too young to go through a "lets work on the relationship" period. She didn't ask you to back off, but things are not going to be healthy if you are going to bed worried about being broken up with after 2 months and she already knows what she would do if she broke up.

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I would back way off for a week or two. It will be a good way for you to stay less attached (and be less hurt down the road), it will give you some time to think about where this is going, and it may give her a better idea of what life would be like without you. She made the first move to throw this off track. Now's your turn to step back and reassess. If she keeps going down the same path, you'll know soon enough it's time to bail.

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