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He wants kids I do not


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Not only wasting your time, but your sexual energy.


That was very funny, Darcy.


Bottom line, if your core values aren't compatible, then you're setting yourself up for heartache.


There's also something wrong with a guy who won't kiss you on the mouth, but has no problem nailing you. It's called intimacy issues...

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My uncle married a girl a long time ago. Found out later on, she simply refused to have kids. She just didnt want them. As in, ever. Guess what, he divorced her and married a lovely new lady who now has given him 3 kids.


(i personally do not want kids either but that is just my choice)


As for not wanting to passionately kiss a girl... what guy would not want to do that??

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Depends. If he is 18 years old, I would give things a little time. See how you feel. at that age, p eople can change radically. I adamantly did not want kids at 20, but can't wait to have them in my 30s. If you are both in your 30s, then I would say that you aren't compatible. But like I say, if you are 18-21, have fun dating and see how you feel in awhile or who knows maybe it will be decided for you because you decide to end it over other reasons. But if he really wants them and you are sure you never will, don't continue a long term relationship because it will just be harder later. But if your goal is to just go out and date - have at it.

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Maybe he is a bad kisser?? Maybe he has intimacy issues?? Maybe he has been burned to many times?? I do not know. I asked and he said when the mood is right. Sex is great kissing eh not too much.


Personally, I never get to the sex part with this much unknown about core things.


If you're very young and stay long enough together for making a family to become a make-or-break issue, rather than just a hypothetical one, you'll be together for a LONG time -- maybe 10 years? And how will you feel knowing you've spent 10 years with someone who wants something you don't and your visions of the future are different?


Unless you plan on possibly being the one to change your view, be prepared for him not to, either. Because ONE of you would have to change drastically, to join the other.


I will also add that I've seen people who didn't want children change their mind. I've never seen people who really wanted them change their mind.


My suggestion would be to end this now. It's one thing to go into a relationship with two people unsure -- it's another to go in having firmly-planted views that already oppose eachother in something so important.

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