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How can I forget his number?


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If you've got it memorised, nothing much you can do about that.


But you can call up your cell phone provider and ask if you can block certain numbers (outgoing and incoming) or Googling how to do so. Deleting his number from your phone. If you do have the urge, give your phone to a family member for a few hours until the urge passes.


You can't stop having urges. That's not the way to think of this. What you need to learn to do and practice doing is riding the urges like a wave and letting them pass. Each time you do this, the urges get slightly weaker until it just becomes a thought and then you don't have urges anymore.

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Memorizing their number is the worst- i totally understand. 6+ month later and I still have it memorized. You can't unmemorize it unfortunately- I wish!! Drama is right, you have to just learn to fight the urge to text or call- its not easy. In time it will pass or fade you just need to learn to work against the feeling.

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Memorize a bunch of similar numbers?

For example, if your ex's number is 571-4782, type a list of very similar numbers like 471-5782, 517-7482, 571-5872, etc. etc. on a piece of paper and look at them every day. Maybe you'll get confused after a while.

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This is one of those paradoxes. Trying to not remember something just increases your attention to it. You have to just let it go. Don't try to forget it. Don't try to think of it. And if it pops in your head, as it may especially for a while, just brush it off and go on to the next thought. I assure you if you do that and don't use the # or talk to him for a while it will suddenly go away more and more on its own (or you won't really care about it as much anyway)

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