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Hair loss for young men: and confidence


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Hello ENA,

I am 28 and for the last couple of years I have been loosing hair. I have a couple of questions for men and women:


For all -- Should I visit a doctor. Is it worth it (mostly my insurance should cover that visit)


For men -- Has any of you faced such a situation and did it affect your confidence level (or even self esteem). How do handle that?


For women -- do you like men with clean shaved heads? I mean if I am going to loose more hair, I may as well go full bald.



Help is much appreciated. Last 2 years have already been tough with my ex leaving me and job/financial issues (I may have even gone through a depression in this time).


So, any help is welcome. Thanks ENA.

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Many, many women like guys with clean shaven heads. I love the look of hairy guys, but that didn't stop me getting the mother of all crushes on a guy who is as bald as an egg!


If your hair loss really is that bad, I think you're wise to go the whole hog, rather than risking the 'Coco the Clown' look. I really wouldn't worry about your attractiveness to women, though! Really.

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i don't know if you should visit a doctor or not, i don't know if there is anything they can actually do.


as for you other question, a shaved head can be really sexy, especially on the right face


personally, men's hair isn't a big deal to me, maybe it's because i'm short and can't see it very well but i think it's about the last thing that i think about on a guy and it would never be a deal breaker.

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Baldness doesn't bother me at all. I once dated a guy who had a fair bald spot and he was only 22! He didn't shave it all off either. I still thought he was sexy as hell because he had a beautiful face and body. His personality left a lot to be desired in the end, but as far as physical attraction goes, it made no difference to me.


Chrome domes stand proud! Some women don't care...

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You could go to the doctor but I don't think there is any miracle cure otherwise everyone else would be using it. I posted on a thread once giving some information to a guy who was losing hair, but can't find the thread now. I also opened a thread earlier this year asking if women liked bald men and majority seems to like bald clean shaven head guys.


Don't let it worry you, I realize this can make a man self conscious, but there are some really attractive bald guys around. I do however think if a guy is bald and has bald spots it's time to shave it all off. It just looks so much better.


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And lets not forget Mr Vin Diesel

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Don't worry about the hair loss. We don't care. Speaking from experience, some men will take things like Propecia at the expense of their sex drive and I think that is ridiculous (you should see how many mean are in a chat room complaining of the long term effects of Propecia on their libido and performance). So don't go to a doctor, cause that what he will tell you to do - and don't do it. It's not worth. I like men who are bald. And even if they are balding, I don't care. It is just one piece of the whole picture - be a good person, maintain a health body and appearance and really it doesn't matter. The more you can be indifferent to it, the less it will be noticed or matter. Also from experience, a guy who is insecure about it and sensitive is far less attractive than I guy who has the confidence not to give a crap.

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As a woman a bald guy or a guy with less hair is still sexy! It really isn't about the hair. Cut it all short if that makes you feel better and than slowly go to bald. Go to a good hair place and have them get you a cut that will help with the transition.

Personally it wouldn't bother me, I know it doesn't bother most of my female friends either.

Don't go to the doctor and take that nasty hair grow stuff, you don't want to loose your sex drive, do you? Well, that be a real turn off for us ladies ;-)


My man has very thin hair and he is the sexiest guy out there.


Good Luck!

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I personally think bald men are extremely sexy. I was also recently dating a guy about the same age as you with the same issues and he is VERY self conscious about it. I really don't see it as a deal breaker or even an issue. He was still extremely attractive to me with the bald spot. Honestly, I think I kind of liked it. It made him look more mature and to me that was just very sexy. I don't think you should feel self conscious about it!

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I started to lose my hair at 18/19 and now i'm 21. It SUCKS!!! i got low self-esteem and barley no confidence as you can imagine hair loss hasn't helped, also i got hair on my back, chest, arms like a shaggy dog.


I have been using rogaine, 5% which means i have to get a prescription from the dr. every few mons the pharmacist has to make it it's a special compound. So far its grown some hair back, but mainly its kept the hair that i have left, i do have to get a buzz cut it makes it look like i'm not balding.


I would go for a hairs transplant if i had the $$$$$.

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thank you all... that really made me feel better And I know confidence is all it takes. And I have it (maybe less than what I had before my breakup). But still... sometimes I wonder...


Anyways.... thank you very much... if not this year, next year I may go bald/clean ...


Thanks ENA

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No worries amigo. When it becomes too thin, just shave it all off. Once you do it, and you have gotten used to it..you will realize all your worries were not needed..and you will have more self confidence because you finally went for that last step.


I started balding when I was eighteen. (strong genes, I know). It caused me some self esteem issues for a few months, until I just figured..the hell with it, and shaved it all off. I have been shaving my head every day since, and it suits me just fine..and also sets me apart from other young guys.

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Take it in your stride OP. Many women find it sexy, just look at the replies in this thread. I started receding at the front when I was 15. Honestly. Wasn't the ideal situation when I was at school as received alot of stick for it. Affected my confidence at that age as to be expected. But it hasn't got any worse 16 years later and I've always had a baby face to balance it out. Since 18, I've just shaved my head once a week. Not with a razor, just a brisk number zero with clippers. Wouldn't have it any other way and couldn't imagine having to wake up and do something with my hair anymore. Saves on shampoo and the time it takes to get ready to go out as well

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Thanks... It definitely sets one apart. And combined with the right attitude and confidence, I am sure it will be great



Savings on shampoo/conditioner over a lifetime = $5000 approximately ... lol



I agree with you



Thank you so much all

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