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I am his 'Ladyfriend'??

Coconut Twin

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Ok just a quick one guys and yes I've checked google but would love some additional and maybe more detailed feedback on what 'ladyfriend' means/entails...


My boyfriend aside from calling me his 'girlfriend', 'lover' and so on, just yesterday called me his 'ladyfriend' and i just don't like the sound of it, it sounds sort of promiscuous as if I was his escort or something.... or maybe I'm paranoid, is 'ladyfriend' casual? if it is I'm going to address the problem because far as i know we have something definitely more than casual.


We have been seeing each other now for 7 months.




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Haven't seen the link DN posted but I have a friend in his 40s who uses that term and he means girlfriend - he just thinks "girl" is age inappropriate (I don't think this btw) - but he means exactly the same as girlfriend when he says it. I really would not assume the worst - just ask him what he means (but not in an angry way!)

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Before I read DN's link - I had the same idea in mind as is described there.


When I hear 'ladyfriend' I imagine an older not well educated man referring to his latest casual date. He does not want to refer to as his girlfriend (which is a higher level of commitment) or make any promises to her, and hence he doesn't know how to refer to her - hence ladyfriend.

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Depends on his age... if he's much older, he may mean it as a compliment or reference your being his girlfriend.


If he's younger, he might be trying to avoid the term girlfriend because that scares him and implies a commitment.


But i'd definitely talk to him and ask him if you're his girlfriend or not, or whether he just sees you as casual dating vs. a serious relationship. If he won't grant you 'relationship' status and that is what you want, don't waste time on him.


I knew a guy who did something similar... he was totally weird on the idea of commitment in general (scared him), so he called women he dated 'friends' to buy himself the emotional distance of not acknowledging any special relationship with her. He also had a real problem with fidelity, and would date a woman for a long time, then when she'd catch him with someone else, he'd claim he didn't understand why she was mad at him because she was never his girlfriend, when she'd been dating him for a couple years!


So what they call you can be insignificant or very significant depending on the context. You just want to be really sure you know what his intentions are and whether they agree with yours. So i'd talk to him about what his idea of 'lady friend' means, and whether you're in a casual dating situation or he considers you in a long term relationship.

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Well, you said that he also calls you his girlfriend, right?


I see "ladyfriend" as more of an age thing. I personally think it sounds strange when people in their 30s and older refer to their significant others are boyfriends and girlfriends. Heck, one of my friends was in a relationship with an older guy, and she referred to him as her "gentleman friend" even though they were 100% official. The term boy(anything) just did not seem fitting.


I would personally take it as a compliment if a guy I was seeing referred to me as his ladyfriend. I can understand how someone might not like it, though. Bringing the issue up with him is really the only way to find out how he meant it.

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If he is committed to you and has no problem making it known that you two are together, then I wouldn't read too much into the "ladyfriend" term. It's just a word, not indicative of how much he loves and respects you, especially if he himself is not aware of the connotations.

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