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  1. Hmm. Maybe that is a fair point. Rape and incest fantasies are not at all uncommon by ppl who outside of the fantasy woukd never desire to engage in those acts and in reality would find them repugnant. Could the same same be said about his underage girl fantasies? Maybe. And if so.. Maybe it is better characterised as a porn problem. Maybe the point is that he needs to do a lot of work with a good psych to understand what is really going on before any more can be said or done.
  2. I know you won't change your views on this - but the problem is not that over-dependence on porn has lead to her husband neglecting her, neglecting their sex life, no longer being physically attracted to her, no longer functioning well in his social/occupational/personal life. The problem is that he is sexually attracted to children. It's not a slippery slope where porn addicts change the nature of their sexuality and go from being attracted to adults to children just because they have over-indulged on porn.
  3. I dont think you look that way at all.. But i do think an issue bigger than whether he can change is whether you will truly trust him to have changed.
  4. I think you have to fight through that. Never was the saying "kiss a lot of frogs before you meet your prince" more true than of internet dating
  5. Ive just read through all this and just want to say I'm so sorry you are going through this Bella. You're clearly a very strong woman and are doing, and I'm sure will continue to do what is best for you and your son through all this. I'm sorry again.
  6. Hi missmarple.. That is so weird about Victor - is it possible he's forgotten what he texted to you and thought that YOU were meant to call HIM in two hours? So he waited for your call.. didn't get one. Just texted goodnight to see what was going on. Gave you benefit of the doubt and said call anytime tomorrow - and then himself called? Maybe not but it's just so Weird otherwise!!!
  7. Wow - really? lol My MIL is a bit like that (has strong expectations on how she should be treated) whereas my parents never expect anything from me - I used to think my parents were the "norm" .. so it always strike me as so weird when parents act like kids.. We got a cat after our little dog passed (of a neurological disease). He's so fluffy but he too is a scaredy cat. Like if the door bell rings or he hears/sees/smells new people he immediately bolts to the den and promptly spends the next few hours hiding under a table or sofa. He also doesn't like to be touched - which is heart breaking because he's so fluffy!!!! (A medium haired domestic cat).
  8. Wow.. beautiful charms! I especially like the "L" one..
  9. Good for you! I'm not used to being around kids but I saw a 3yr old hit her mother today and I was so startled I said (not in a harsh voice) "hey, that's your mother - you shouldn't hit your mother" and then immediately wished I hadn't .. It came out without me thinking! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. That is so very sad. What is it about having affairs that can bring out so much bitterness and anger in people against their spouse? It's like the spouse having the affair has to feel all this venom to their partner to somehow justify or feel better about the affair or something. That, or something about it really just brings up every piece of anger that could have built up over the decades and consolidates and exacerbates it We changed the laws here several years ago so now the presumption is for shared custody. Not that it helps much if one parent just refuses to let the other parent see the kids. Not the kind of thing police like to be involved in. I'm very glad for your brother that his in-laws are being supportive of him and are letting him see the kids. It's sad enough without being kept away from them.
  11. I'm glad he got the advice - good to know the steps he has to take. Two childhood friends both got divorced at the 5yr mark last yr. the first one had very low legal fees because they were just fighting over money. The second was fighting over which country their kid should live in and the fees were astronomical. How's your hair cut?? Do you love it? A change every now and then is good. I have very long hair but every now and then I like to chop most of it off. Just for a change Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. Ahh ... my highschool best friend had bad asthma ans needed the nebulizer - I remember she'd always hug me and tremble from the effects of the steroids after she had them. Not fun at all..glad you went to the hospital. I think not going or waiting and hoping it'll get better is the mistake we all make too often. I nearly made it with my P.E. I assumed I just had anxiety. It was only when the pain got really bad and I couldn't lie down that I went.
  13. Oh wow - it is ridiculous what can happen in just a few years - I'm sorry you experienced that and am really, really glad you recovered and very glad that things are good in the relationship now. Yeah.. it really shocked me because I'd never been sick before. They think it was because I started taking Yasmin (birth control pill). But so true - once I notice that I'm finding it hard to breathe.. it's hard to stop finding it hard to breathe.
  14. Aww - I'm a bit scared too cause I'm having a bit of trouble trying to breath. Ever since I had the pulmonary embolism when I have breathing trouble I get scared. Do you think the stress of the referral and annoyance with your husband being insensitive is making it worse? Feeling scared sucks. I hope it passes for us both soon.
  15. Who tells you that he's your last chance!! Reminds me of the guy who told me that since I was a woman, if I ever got divorced I'd be "used goods" and noone would ever want me again.
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