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Do I have a hidden pregnancy?


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Hi all,

I'm horribly confused and would like to get some insight from some women who have been in my shoes.


I had a "period" in late April, but it was late and lite. Now I have missed my last 2 periods. I'm not convinced the one in April was actually a period. I took some urine tests and they were all negative, so I went to get a blood test today and it was negative as well! I'm so confused. I have never missed a period before, and now I have missed two. I have a lot of the classic symptoms and based on ovulation and timing, I SHOULD be pregnant. Any ideas??? I'm beginning to wonder if I am among the few who have a "hidden pregnancy". I hope to hear from a few people.


Thanks all

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Have you seen a doctor? If several tests have been negative , it is really unlikely you are pregnant. But...


What are these 'classic symptoms'? It's easy for our bodies to reproduce them when we are really wanting a baby... On the other hand, you may be right!

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You an also stop having your period or have a very irregular period if:


1) Your body fat ratio reduces dramatically. You have to have a certain fat ratio to have a period


2) Stress can do it easily


3) Overall health. if you nutrition has become poor or you are dehydrated, it can happen.


4) Tumors and cysts. If you have ovarian tumors, it could be possible


5) Early menopause. I don't know your age, but I have heard of women start to go into menopause in their 30s and 40s. its NOT common at all - its rare - but it CAN happen.

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Thank you!!! You are all very helpful. I do have an appointment on Friday. I have been in touch withy my gyno since I was a week late.

I'm not horribly stressed, but I do have ovarian cysts. I have just never missed a period because of it. There is a possibility I have psyched myself out. I don't exactly want to be pregnant seeing as I'm only 19 and the potential dad is not around. It's a fairly horribly situation, though it could have been much worse.

These "classic symptoms" are nausea, fatigue, heartburn, sore breasts, bloating, missed period, slight cramping, low back pain like I've never had before, and the list goes on. There is good reason to believe I SHOULD be. I was terribly stupid...

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If you have had several tests be negative I don't think you are pregnant. Especially if you took the blood test. Is there any way you could take another blood test. I was under the impression that is you have a bloof test you could come back in a few days to have the test repeated to check for rising hCG levels. I was in this same situation before 2 years ago and I did the same things as you and I was NOT pregnant.


Good luck!!

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Low back pain is more likely to be a symptom of a gynae problem than of pregnancy, unless you would be far enough pregnant for it to be a sign of miscarriage (usualyl just a very heavy period in the first couple of months).


Ask him to check out fibroids/endometriosis.


Don't worry, you can be 'stupid' and get away with it... It is possible the worry is giving you all the symptoms.

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My brother suggested I do another test. There is a test they can do that actually measures the hcg in your blood rather than just checking for high enough levels. I'm way more bloated than normal, and I'm eating less because I don't feel good. When I was stupid I was in peak ovulation. I just don't see how I wouldn't be.

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As far as my understanding goes, a qualitative will reveal whether or not you're pregnant. The quant will measure your hcg levels. If you're not getting a positive qual, then I really doubt you are pregnant. I believe they detect at 5 mIU.


And if your levels are so low that they are undetectable, I doubt you will be feeling any pregnancy symptoms. Our minds can play tricks on us. About 6 months ago I went through something similar. The boobs, the nausea, the sensitivity to smells, etc. I was so focused on it, believing I was pregnant, that I HAD TO BE - that my body played right into it with the symptoms. I was NOT pregnant.


Although I have heard of women feeling pregnant right after conception. I think that it's not a physical thing as it is mental. Like a gut, just knowing.


Many people have sex on the perfect day and do not get pregnant. It isn't a guarantee.

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A blood test doesn't lie. A urine test can be too insensitive to pick up present hCG though. I think the symptoms are caused by over-thinking. You start to notice things that you otherwise wouldn't notice.


Nausea associated with pregnancy is caused by a rising hCG level (that starts from the beginning when the embryo is nesting in the uterus, and increases rapidly esp. from 6 weeks on, 4 weeks after implantation). If the bloodwork is negative, your nausea can't possibly be a pregnancy symptom- your hCG should be so high that it's impossible to miss it even on a urine test.

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