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Would You Want to Find Out.

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My Mother passed away from cancer in December, a year prior her brother passed away from the same cancer, and her father [my grandpa] had a similar cancer many years ago [but died from a heart attack...]


When they asked her if there was anyone in the family with cancer and she listed those two names, they said its most likely genetically linked.


My guy lost his Father and Grandmother to leukemia.


We've been having conversations lately about doing some sort of genetic testing to see where the two of us stand in terms of being genetically linked with cancer. His Father was 32 when he passed away, diagnosed at 30, which my guy is turning next year.


I am due for my yearly physical in June with my GP, and I have been toying with the idea of going through with it. It certainly digs up alot of emotions within me...and I really don't know what the right answer is.



What would you do? Would you want to find out?

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I would get it done to find out if it is genetic. My mom had some of it done and she found that she did not have the genetic code or whatever for a stroke factor that some women on my moms side of the family have and it is passed on to daughters. I'm glad she did it and I can feel safe that I'm a certain percentage lower to having a stroke.


Another person I know got it done and it turned out they had the genetic factor and were able to prevent the disease, not easy but doable.


Knowledge is power.

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I guess part of me wonders if I would live in a "What is this? Is this a lump?" sort of world where I panic when I notice something abnormal and develop paranoia....but then again early detection would have been so important for those in our lives who passed from cancer.

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