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Here's a question Ive been burning to ask


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I have loved a lot of people. Still do. I tend to think of myself as someone who loves easily. I have been in romantic love, maybe, 8 or 9 times at the age of 25. But if you are talking about people that I was in love with and planned our futures together and built a life and committed to each other I would say 3 people. Two of which I'm with now and my first boyfriend from high school who I still very much love and who is a good friend.

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I guess im trying to gauge how many times it happens to a person...where you meet that person and the chemicals fly for the both of you...


you know?


It's really a very individual thing. Some people will meet someone very young and never look at another person. Other people will have several different loves.


Especially considering everyone will be more or less open to love depending on their circumstances, upbringing and previous experiences.

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Not counting the kind of love such as my kids or pets, I'd say twice.

Both ended with a rejection, never wanted either to end at the time.

My first love was for the better that it ended, I see that today.

My last love tears me apart some days to think what could have been..

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