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REVENGE....come on ladies even men


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Before I start, Im set out for revenge, and alot of people are against it, sayin the best revenge is to let go...But I will not let go and he deserves what hes gonna get. So I was seeing this guy for a few months...The beginning was great. I spent every day at his house, his family loved me, and he made me so many promises. He knew what Ive been thru in the past and he swore time and time again he wouldnt hurt me. I felt a real connection with him. He would call me every day then all of a sudden it stopped...he would ignore me, and disappear for a few days. I was devestated I could eat or sleep, and he was all I thought about..Whenever he needed me I was there for him. Now he was so depressed over his best friend dying, everytime I was with him he would cry and tell me thats how I should know I was special. I tried to comfort him the best I could. Now keep in mind every SINGLE time I was with him he brought up his dead friend. More on that in a lil bit. So he started to ignore me and I didnt talk to him in 2 weeks. Now just 3 days ago he came to my house and asked me to stay over. I missed him so I did. Again he told me I was his baby, he wanted to work on a relationship, he missed me, I knew it was all lies just from everything he put me thru. That night he cried about his dead friend. He went to bed and I went thru his phone. Not only was he talking to me, he was talkin to his ex and a few other girls. I snapped. I feel bad for his ex, he was leading her on terribly. So I messaged his ex, she never heard of me. Her and I got to talking and I told her I was worried about him because he was depressed about his dead friend...You know what she says to me....what dead friend? He lied, the whole time, he lied about his friend being dead. Matter of fact last weekend he was with the "DEAD" friend hanging out. What kind of sick jerk would do that. He played with my emotions, and me and his ex are going to make him pay. I feel like a fool...His ex lives in Jersey, shes going to come up here and he has it coming...I need some revenge ideas.... Im going to punch him in his mouth...lol...But I need something better. I will not just let him get away with it...Hes laughing and makin a fool out of me. Theres so many people who say let it go. no I will not let it go. He promised me a million times he was a good guy, and I will have my revenge...I know theres ladies out there like me...so lets hear what you have to say....again plz dont say move on...i want some ideas....great ideas plzz

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Do you know what the most powerful, and hurtful thing you can DO to a person who CRAVES attention, as much as he does is?





Ignore the lying scumbag, as if he doesn't exist.

Trust me, it is the last thing in the world he wants!!


Yep....take all the info with you to make YOU stronger.

Then ignore him completely when he contacts you.

Don't even tell him why..he'll figure it out soon enough.

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yea that is mean and wrong of him


it's good that u r getting along with his ex, how about. tell his ex to tell him that she had a kid with him and so on? make him worry and go crazy, then tell him the truth?


i would be just like u if my ex bf did that to me.


good luck, just dont over do it

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I agree with the above poster. Do NOTHING - don't contact him or answer a single phone call or anything. Disappear from this idiot's life and make him think YOU are dead. He's not even worth you thinking about. What a *****************. I can't write inappropriate words on here or I would.

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Yep, I agree with everyone else - there's someone I blocked from email, FB, my blog a few weeks ago ... I ignored all other attempts to engage me in contact, including not rising to provocation from him on public forums ... and he emailed me today to say that he'll be writing me a letter detailing how much the events of recent weeks have hurt him, and how badly I've treated him.


And I had to do ... nothing.


If I'd wanted to make him look a complete jerk in public, there's no way I'd have managed as well as he did on his own - with no response from me. Sounds as though your guy's doing the same. You know, if someone does the dirty on someone else, and then laughs about it - guess who looks bad? (Hint - it's NOT the one on the receiving end of their conniving ways).


Keep your dignity, hun, no matter how angry you feel at the moment. Believe me, there will be a time when you'll be SO glad you did!

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Listen, I know you're p*ssed, I know you want to get back at him - but you can't get back at a heartless b*stard like this. Better to just forget about it, realize he's a d*uchbag and don't even talk to the guy anymore - that's the most effective way.


I've always found a certain peaceful confidence in showing those who have done me wrong that they DIDN'T get under my skin... it just diminishes all the importance they ever thought they have. I'm quite the vindictive b*tch, but I know from experience NOTHING gets under someone else's skin more than when you show it didn't bother you ONE BIT.


But if you're bent on getting at him in a less vindictive and revengeful manner then by all means, let him know he got to you, show him the attention and importance he craves. In the end you're only diminishing your own self-control and maturity IMO.

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LOL... I'm sorry, I can't stop laughing when I read your post. Oh my gawd, this guy has got some nerves and lie to you in your face! I understand how you feel and that you would want revenge, so, just to be different from what everybody is telling you..I could think of a few. Oh btw, do you have his passwords? If so you could change the password and mess up his facebook or any other social networking sites and post something that would ruin him,but you also have to know his email password for that. I know this is easier said than done, I'm not sure I could even do this, but just a thought..


A few years ago my ex stole some of my stuff that I left on the apartment while I was away. (long story, i don't want to talk about it)...but hey, that's just her, ei.

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WOW that guy sucks. You wouldn't want to be like him, would you? You will be, if you do anything.


I was in a situation a month ago, in which my ex (who said he still loved me and wanted me back) was becoming distant again, like he did just before we first broke up. After a week of that, I got sick of it and sent a quick goodbye on Facebook (which ordinarily I would preach against, but he clearly didn't care anyway), and caught him on a date with another girl later that SAME DAY. I was just coming out of a coffee shop with friends, when he was pulling up with the girl in the car. It was perfect. I was standing right in front of the door, and they would have had to walk right up to me to get inside. You know what I did? I made eye contact so he knew I saw his terrified "deer in the headlights" expression, and just walked away before they got to the door.


I spent that first night just lying awake too P.O.'ed to get any sleep, replaying that moment over and over in my head, imagining all the things I could have said or done. And you know what? The next night I slept fine. And I've slept fine every night since. When I look back, I can't imagine having done anything in that moment that would have been good for me. Had I confronted them, everyone around me including him would have seen me as a P.O.'ed irrational crazy lady, and how attractive is that? Would it have been something I could look back on fondly and tell my grandchildren about? In that moment, he proved just how worthless he really was. So why should I waste more of my time and energy on him? My only regret is that I didn't do something to warn the girl what she's in for.


I know how disturbing and hurtful it is when someone treats you that way. I have faith in karma, and dream of the day when he sees me or hears something about my awesome life and feels really stupid for letting me get away. By then I'll be too busy and successful to care, but for now it feels good when I think about it. Can you think of a punishment that's worse than that?

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Hmm...creative ideas solely for the purpose of amusement, yes...


1) Tell him you've called a church pastor and set him up with appointments for the next 6 months and they meet every Wednesday night before service. And you plan to call his parents and the parents of the deceased friend to help you cope and possibly join him in his sessions. Additionally, the church plans to take up a donation to aid the family, and your bf's phone number was given for the members to call and thank him for setting up the collection.




2) You are planning a Going Away Memorial Party for sometime in May and already called a handful of friends to relay the information (find the names of some that live far or out of state and tell him they are already booking flights), and you put a down payment on a hall at a local place, and you now need his credit card info to help pay for the rest of the hall and party supplies.




3) Called his old high school to tell them what happened, so now they plan to post it on the school bulletin board sign outside on the school grounds. And that they plan to write a story about it in the local paper and the reporter should be over sometime during the week with a photographer.

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His ex could have easily lied that his friend didn't die, because she was jealous of your relationship and wanted your bf all to herself so she could get back together with him, or maybe she just didn't want him to have anyone in his life. He did cry, why do you think it wasn't genuine? Guys don't really fake cry...


The fact that you'd turn on him so easily, and trust some girl you've just met over him suggests that maybe you didn't really love him as much as you think. I'm sorry you're so cynical. Reading through your post, it feels like I'm seeing a codependent relationship, and you might have smothered him.


Not talking to you doesn't mean "hurting you". Maybe he wanted to take some time to try to be able to deal with it on his own. Maybe he could sense that you make a 180 on people easily and go from "I love you" to "I hate you" at a drop of a hat. You think that's possible that he didn't feel safe with you because you gave off signals that you might be like that? I mean you kinda are... Sorry =\

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Thanks for the post. Really made me laugh...after crying the past 3 weeks because my ex dumped me, your post is funny. The guy is such a lameass...I say, have your fun--just don't get in trouble with the law, because believe me--its sooooo not worth it!

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I don't think revenge is the answer, it rarely ever is. You might feel better now, but you will look petty to others. And in future you will regret it. I agree with others and think you should give him the silent treatment.


If you must do something, and by the sounds of it, you won't take the majorities advice and let this go, do something that won't reflect badly on you. Catch him out in his lies. Is there anyway to arrange a meeting with said 'dead' friend? Maybe you could be out with him, and his friend then appears? I'm guessing his ex is in contact with him, as she knew they were hanging out?


That would be my only sugestion. By the sounds of it, I doubt he would be affected by anything else, and would only label you in future as his 'crazy ex' if any plans don't work out. Remember to think about your own reputation and dignity above all else, don't let your vendetta against him ruin you.

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