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  1. I am in no way attracted to him. Nor was I ever. I guess in my thoughts he tries something again except I am not too scared to hold back. And I kind of don't care if I die trying to put him down. I have an appointment on Thursday. I might think about it, but I will not suddenly do it. Secondly, I think he would be too intimidated to actually try to hurt a full grown woman.
  2. I am literally posting here because I don't know where to discuss this. A few years ago before I started posting again, I had an entanglement with a man who was extremely violent to me (not a relationship, we weren't dating.. just an older guy who took advantage of my lack of resources, social support, and depression). Had to go back and forth with the police as a witness for terrible crimes he committed, barely survived the whole thing, and then he told me he wanted to do the same things he did to me to "undeveloped children". He is a middle school teacher. I don't want to go too much into th
  3. Hm, if you are into him, give it a few days and then call or text. You will be putting your ego on the line but it is sometimes better to just adult-up and put yourself out there. Keep it light and then invite him out somewhere. The other option is: say nothing, keep waiting. See if he comes back. After a week, give up. The choice is yours.
  4. Yeah, don't go to therapy with him. Epiphanies like this abound in this situation and YES it will suck you back in. If he is going to stay for the rest of the month find another place to stay for the rest of the month. Make sure you bring a copy of all legal documents like your lease and then send a written notification of the move out date. If he is seriously troubled, I would start looking for a new place to live yourself. Get out of this situation. Eat the financial losses and move forward.
  5. Personally, I think you should talk to him and then follow it up with a separation from each other. Along the lines of: I love you, I would like to spend the rest of my life with you but right now I need to move forward with my life. If you decide you want to move forward with me, reach out to me. Why? Because even if he does decide to get married to you, you will need to know that it was by his own free will and that he was not coerced into it. Why? Because you are slowly starting to resent the whole dating process. I think sometimes you need to take a few steps backwards to move forw
  6. I think you are both acting immature. Don't read so much into her posts and actually just avoid her profile and such.
  7. I think you should get therapy and probably stop wasting her time. Please do NOT try to change her via gym memberships and new clothing--it isn't your place to tell her she isn't good enough and then try to change her. Honestly, as a woman who gets a LOT of attention from men, and may be considered a "hottie", I would find your attitude disgusting..even just referring to leagues and calling this certain "class" of women hotties. A good woman is going to want you to treat all women with respect, regardless of her looks. Either way, you chase women you are more physically attracted to or not
  8. I hope you break up with her. I would *not* want to be in her position and nor would many other women I have talked to.
  9. I don't believe in twin flames anymore. Right now I just feel like a person alone on a rock hurling through space.
  10. I agree with Vicky. I am a tall (5'9" or 176 cm) blonde with blue eyes and fairly slender. I dated a guy who seemed to prefer girls really skinny and often asian. It seemed the skinner, the better. He criticized one woman who is probably a size 00 for having love handles. Does it mean I am ugly? No. It just means I am not his type. And I don't think we should stick around with guys who don't appreciate what we have to offer. He can be into another type but if every time you go out his eyes are are just stuck on that "type" or he is frequently commenting, it would be pretty impossible for yo
  11. Ok, hands down, you need to contact him *today* and tell him you respect his wishes to be with this woman or end your relationship. Follow that up with: I need you to return my car later today or tomorrow. Then, cut him from your cell phone plan immediately. The fact that he is even still driving the car you are paying for says all you need to know about this person. He is most definitely a user and leaning on somebody fresh out of undergrad at 39? Come on... You should probably reiterate the message to him in text after telling him on the phone: I need you to return my car today or to
  12. Sounds like very serious insecurity issues.
  13. Probably not. In a few weeks you can take a pregnancy test. Look up IUD and birth control pills and then go talk to your doctor.
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