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  1. This is my advice and what I would do in your situation. I would tell her that although you agreed to be 'friends', that you cannot do that right now as you need time to heal from the break down of the relationship and time to move on. Once you are healed then you will consider being a friend to her. Then... basically just DISAPPEAR. You may think she may not even notice, but trust me she will. You say she doesn't seem that sad. A lot of 'dumpers' don't at first as they have come to terms with ending things way before you have. I also find that they use the one they left as en emotional crutch
  2. The way I see it is that she hasn't made any attempt to keep contact with you during the past year so why would/should you tell her you are moving? If you feel you need to do it for yourself then maybe you should but I feel she is in the past now.
  3. I see your point but I do think you are being unreasonable. When I want to see something that he doesn't he goes with me anyway and he has always been surprised and has actually enjoyed the film, even girly ones and it is the same the other way around. He dragged me to the cinema to watch Transformers, I really didn't want to but I went anyway and I loved the film. I really don't see the big deal here. If you went along, you would probably enjoy them too.
  4. You are not back at square one. You have had a set back, the rejection by this woman has stirred up the hurt to do with your ex.
  5. This is why LC isn't a good idea when you still have feelings for an ex. It is draining and it makes you go crazy which is one of the benefits of NC. Try to keep yourself as busy as possible for the three weeks, it will soon fly by.
  6. Definitely give up. I'm sorry but if she says something like that I don't think she is interested.
  7. Maybe you could write back and tell him what you expect and want. See if he is willing, and if he isn't tell him you have no choice but to move on and stop contacting you.
  8. Just how bad it it to snoop? In my opinion, this is the way most people find out that they are being cheated on so is it really that bad? Of course it might be a violation of trust to go looking for something, but surely it is easier to forgive snooping than it is to forgive cheating. Personally, if I had nothing to hide I wouldn't be offended if someone I was with did a bit of snooping.
  9. I do think that subconciously I knew something was going on. I was getting calls and texts from a number I didn't know telling me he was cheating, asked him and he denied it and me like an idiot believed him. Then the girl he was actually cheating with started calling and texting, it was her who actually told me about it all. She knew everything about me, even my clothes size, and that is no joke. He still denied it after we broke up. I did notice though that he was texting a lot more that he usually did. I think, before I found out he was cheating we were going through a bit of a rough pat
  10. We were 18 when we met so pretty young yeah. I always wondered what really happened. It didn't feel like we grew apart, but I think you are right when you say it may have been the timing. I am sure there are happyily married people out there. I'm just having a hard time believing that anyone in a relationship can be happy. It just doesn't seem to register. All of my life I knew I eventually wanted to get married and have children. Now I don't even want that. My view on that changed a while ago and the thought of getting married turns my stomach and I no longer want children. I just feel like I
  11. What if the man is just bored of the wife and views the mistress as the steak? I would also say that maybe it happens less because of the men staying for the sake of the kids.
  12. It's not that I am not willing to put work in and worried about the honeymoon period coming to an end, it is the whole of the relationship in general. Right now I just can't imagine feeling secure or happy in any relationship, good or bad. I don't know what is wrong with me
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