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  1. This is my advice and what I would do in your situation. I would tell her that although you agreed to be 'friends', that you cannot do that right now as you need time to heal from the break down of the relationship and time to move on. Once you are healed then you will consider being a friend to her. Then... basically just DISAPPEAR. You may think she may not even notice, but trust me she will. You say she doesn't seem that sad. A lot of 'dumpers' don't at first as they have come to terms with ending things way before you have. I also find that they use the one they left as en emotional crutch to help themselves move on as it's comforting for them to know that you are still around. Only when you are truly gone do they realise what is missing. In a few months, maybe you can spring back onto the scene, more confident, improved physically maybe if you have gained weight during the relationship, a better established social circle and so forth. I think this is the only way for her to see you in a new/different light.
  2. I'm not a religious person at all, I have my own beliefs but I really fail to see why religion seems to cause so many problems in relationships. I'm not sure if I believe in god or not, but it wouldn't bother me being with someone who believed or not. Maybe it is because I am not religious that is the reason for why I just don't get it, but if there is a God, then we are all God's children right?
  3. Sorry to hear things didn't work out but it's great that you found someone more suitable for you now and you are happy
  4. I would be scared too. Do you think this has come about just because you saw the TV show and you think it's now time or do you just feel ready and feel that it's right. If you think he would say yes then go for it. Call me old fashioned but another reason I wouldn't do it apart from being scared is that I would want him to do it to see what kind of romantic way he would come up with to do it.
  5. When people say remove them completely, what exactly do you mean?
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