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Aah! I Just Had a Dream About Her Last Night!

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So I've been doing pretty well getting over my ex in recent time. I'm actually very proud of myself. I've been keeping busy at work, goin to the gym, hangin out with friends. It really sounds too good to be true at where I am at this point of healing but hey, I'm not comlaining. Anyways, I haven't had a dream about her in awhile till last night. I dreamt I'm sitting at a bar with her and storm out of their for whatever reason. I try comin back to the bar and I can't find her. Then I'm in a huge auditorium goin crazy lookin for her and I search high and low and she's gone. At that point I finally woke up in a panic. I dream the weirdest stuff this time. I miss her but oh well. I'm not givin up this time. I'm gunna stay NC as much as it sucks and I'm moving on. I have been. Sorry had to rant

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I had a dream too. She was laying on a bed reading, and I hugged her. I went to pull away and she held on tighter and told me she loved me. I was happy. Then I woke up and had a harsh reality to face all over again.


I kind of hope she is having nice dreams of me, but knowing my luck they're bad and she probably thinks 'thank God it's over' or something!


Dreams can be cruel.

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For months after my wife left me for her coke fiend ex bf (as soon as he was released from prison), I had dreams about her EVERY SINGLE NIGHT, ranging from us making love to, well... let's just say "not happy" and leave it at that. I hated it, because she was in my every waking thought, and then haunting my dreams at night. I used to dread going to sleep, because I knew it would happen again. And waking up without her there beside me was even worse. I was COMPLETELY decimated. It's been almost a year now, and I've stopped having the dreams. I am doing 300% better these days, though I do still think about her almost everyday. I thought I wouldn't be able to pull though at all, but time has proven to be the best healer. I still look forward to the day I don't think about her at all, but I see how much progress I have made, and it gives me strength, and a renewed will to perservere. The only thing some of us can do is wait it out, which really sucks, but there are no shortcuts. Just face the pain head on and walk through it with courage. IT WILL GET BETTER.

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That sounds horrible Glad you are doing better though.


I know how it feels, when you're awake that person is there, when you sleep there again and it goes on and on.


I woke up, and for a few weeks I would turn round in the bed and say 'I love you' to find an empty cold space. That hurt.


If she is truly never coming back, as much as I love her, I just wish I could forget her.

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I'd call these nightmares more than anything.


I had one about her and her new boyfriend last night.


Woke up feeling really strange and emotional wondering more why our brains/subconscious choose to torment us than anything else.


Life is pretty weird isn't it.


Good luck guys.

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