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A day in the life of Mama Metro (metrogirl)


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I have a sister who is my adoptive parents' biological daughter. My parents eventually divorced. My father was never faithful. My sister has an Ancestry DNA test, but she hasn't taken it yet. I was thinking about this, and it occurs to me that it's within the realm of possibility that my sister could have a biological sibling out there, who we never knew about. I have to ask myself, what would I do in that situation--what would we do? I think my first inclination would be to circle the wagons, make sure everyone is ok with it. And if there'a a weak link--someone who just can't handle it (most likely my mom and/or my sister)--then the wagons have to stay circled. And even I would freeze that sibling out, even though if I had my own way my siblings wouldn't do that to me!


But maybe it's a temporary thing. The first reaction is often defensiveness. Over time, as the idea sinks in, things can change. So there is hope.

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So sorry too Mama. A long time ago, my mother had a half-brother find her. Mum and her sister were very glad and used to see him and his wife. Mums older brother who had lots of problems - he rejected his own son - was angry about the half brother. Mums half-brother stopped contacting them because they felt bad. Shame because he was a nice man.

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