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Our 5 day old kitten died last night


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Here's what he looked like the day he was born. Cute, huh?

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We knew something was wrong with him when he kept crying the 2nd day. He was very weak compared to the others, who were growing at a MUCH faster rate than him, in size and strength.



We realized he was crying out because he was dehidrated from not eating enough, so we started feeding him with a powder milk solution for baby kittens while using a little dropper. I prayed for him not to die. And as cheesy as it sounds, I even named him to give him something to live for: Scout.


He was stronger within the next 2 days. We just kept feeding him and attatching him to his mother's nipples. We started to believe that we had actually saved him.


However, Wednesday morning I noticed he was a tad bit weaker than before. It was downhill from there....


He stopped eating as much, wasn't sucking the milk out of the dropper, and was being easily pushed over by his siblings. He became very sickly, and Thursday morning, we knew it was going to be the day.


When I got home around 5 pm, he looked pretty bad. He had gone limp, and lost most of the fight in him. Mom and I kept trying to feed him, but it was no use.


I'd pet him while I cried my first batch of tears that evening. It wasn't like I was balling or anything. It was just those tears that come out whether you want them to or not. I stayed with him the whole night; we didn't bother putting him back in the box with the others. I tried to keep him warm in a towel as he laid in my lap.


Maybe I thought, subconsciously, that if I stayed with him until he passed, maybe it'd make up for all the times I was never there when my previous pet's died.


He died around 10:50. I cried the final time that night. It's amazing how you can get so worked up over something you had for such a short time. You just can't save everything.


His brother and 2 sisters are in good shape. They are really cute and we just can't wait until they opens their eyes.

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Awww Im sooo sorry! My childhood doggie had puppies and one of the babies was weak and not eating from his mother's nipples, we did the same and tried to feed him for several days but to not avail. He passed around day 4. It was sooo sad, I cried & cried. Felt so bad that we couldn't save him!

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i had a kitten die in my arms too. he was the sweetest little boy i'd ever known. i had him for only 3 days before he died but i knew him for about 6 weeks before that. it leaves a mark for sure, i cried as well.

i know your pain. and i'm sorry for your loss.

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