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baseball caps change men's appearance?


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Finally someone who appreciates the backwards hat


It's that some guys just make their face look huge and round when they do it. If you have a sculpted look, it's easier to pull off. Have to know how to rock one, too.


Kid at the gym today wound up looking more like Larry the Cable Guy when he tried it. I almost laughed at him, but dropped into pushups instead so as not to hurt the poor kid's feelings (he looked high school age)

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Saying every guy in Florida wears a hat is pretty extreme...lol. I haven't worn a baseball hat since I was 7 and I've lived in Lakeland/Tampa all my life. I'd say it's 50/50...hat and sunglasses really gives off that douchebaggery image that I'd prefer to stay away from. I wear beanies sometimes, but that's about it.


Hat, sunglasses, big truck, and bass blaring...yep, somebody go punch that guy in the face.

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I'm not too crazy about caps, but I DO find that sunglasses can change appearances, lol. Some people can look really awesome (and very hot) when wearing sunglasses, but when they come off, then suddenly the awesome hot looking dude becomes very ordinary and average, lol. Such a let down, LOL.

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