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  1. Some tests (depending on what it is) don't show right away so it's better to treat a person who has been exposed to the STD early on even if they don't fully develop it rather than waiting around until it becomes a problem then testing them for it and THEN prescribing them meds.
  2. Seems like you are trying to nitpick his problems and insecurities to make your cheating on him seem more okay.. Truth of the matter is, you aren't helping his insecurities out at all by screwing around on him. Maybe you should try to help him before making it worse for him.
  3. Are you living in a dream world or something?? Seriously!! Get real!! You can't just trust whether or not a person has something just by what they say. He could have something and not even know it or hell not even care I mean you were a one time thing after all why should he care about your well being? I agree with you being a fool (No offense) but I think you should really tell your husband since his health is possibly at risk because you want to believe a complete stranger about something like this.
  4. In my opinion the medical marijuana is a much healthier , safer options than him being on Tramadol and Vicodin as far as addiction is concerned. The rest of it I can't offer much advice or support on because I don't know what i'd do if I was in your shoes.
  5. I dont think anyone 'chooses' to be in a LDR. But as another poster said, you can't really help who you fall in love with and if distance is the only thing stopping you from being with someone if you have a will to make it work it can work.
  6. If this was the case noone would be a virgin considering it's quite normal for a small child to "masturbate" so that innocence of being a virgin would be long gone as a child.
  7. That is ridiculous if he is doing it intentionally but are you sure he did it intentionally and not just out of habit? You would not believe how many times my dad has stuck someone else's tools in his pocket or thrown them in with his and not even thought about it until weeks later he will see them and be like where did these come from?If you saw him taking the tools why didnt you say something then instead of waiting?
  8. That depends on what you mean by "argue" in my relationship (previous relationship) we got along nearly perfect. We only had small arguments here or there but they were usually resolved within a few minutes of them starting and we never ever held a grudge against each other or stayed mad at each other. Every relationship is going to have arguments or disagreements it is how they are handled that become the good/bad of the relationship. It isn't normal to have a full blown all out argument where you stay mad with each other for days and days. The biggest reason couples have those type of argume
  9. My thoughts exactly. You can't really be surprised that your bf/gf is going to cheat on you when they were cheating WITH you in their old relationship.
  10. What kind of things are you both into? That extra bit of information would help quite a bit. Also what type of things are there to do in your area?
  11. If you are just on it to regulate your periods just start taking it as soon as you get it as you normally would. If you are also having unprotected sex i'd use extra protection for another week or two just to be extra careful.
  12. At this point I do think it's beneficial to both of us that we get things straightened out financially and more importantly location wise before we get back together officially.
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