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Morally Wrong/Disrespectful?


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My friend just sent me a text asking for advice. Basically, last week he broke up with his girlfriend of 4 months. About 2 days after, he likes another girl. He said he had a crush on her during his relationship.


Is this wrong? I mean, how long should he wait before not on;y moving on yo a new girl. But moving on to his ex's friend (he says they aren't too close anymore though).


This really got me thinking and some extra input would be nice.

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But moving on to his ex's friend


If she's really his exes friend, he shouldn't have a snowballs chance.


After 4 months, I don't think he really needs to wait any amount of time, but he probably would want to change his intended target.


I mean, it's a bit distasteful, but there's nothing morally wrong. And if he's broken up with her, then he's checked out of the relationship a while ago.

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Like it's been said up there... if SHE was a true friend to his ex, she wouldn't give him the time of day. Now if she does like him, I mean... she (his ex) can either get over it and remain friends with her or decide not to hang out with her anymore because she might be with him. 4 months isn't very long, but long enough to care about someone. So truthfully he hasn't done anything wrong... a little distasteful but not WRONG. I guess sometimes you just can't help who you like? Maybe that's why they broke up...

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Okay, now he has a plan. He's going to patch things up with his ex (after going nc) and then after they become friends, that's when he'll make his move on this girl.


Thinking about it, this is rather distasteful and thanks for the feedback aswell.




This will back fire on him, big time.


He'll probably end up losing both of them, not very smart thinking on his part.

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