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  1. but then again why would a 21 year old want to be with a 16 year old maybe he knew in 20 years it was going to be worth it lol:splat:
  2. I don't think there was anything wrong with the way you were playing with the baby.
  3. Try calling the Internal Affairs Dept of you local police dept. If that doesn't work, call the state police.
  4. I think that was very good. Have you yourself ever been to a strip club? I took my BF to one in St Louis for his 40th. We were in St Louis for his bday & I asked him if he wanted to go. I think he was a bit shocked at first. The funny thing was that the dancers paid me more attention than they did him. I even bought him a private lap dance. (I went to the private rooms with him). It wasn't nearly as "dirty" as I had imagined. Reality wasn't nearly as bad as what I had pictured in my mind. She wasn't completely naked. She had her little thong on. The point I'm trying to make is, don't get w
  5. Call them now! Apologize for not calling sooner and ask if you can reschedule. You should have called from the car.
  6. If she sent you an email then you may be able to find out who she is by her email address. Your ex isn't going to help you with this. If she calls again, let he know that she can have him. You decided he wasn't good enough for you! She is welcome to your leftovers.
  7. I disagree with everyone here. As long as you, yourself, have talked to the parents and know that they are OK with it, I think you should take her. Your dad is way out of line here.
  8. Ren - What actions have you taken that you think should have given him a clear indication that you were into him? Asking him to play a video game is not a sign that you are into him. Doesn't everyone at your friends house basically play the game? So how could he interpret that as anything more than just a friend asking another friend to play a game? You are 35 years old, stop playing little high school games with him. If you want to know if he's into you, step up and ask him. A confident woman is much more attractive than a girl playing games.
  9. So the email was from your ex, not this other woman, she's just calling you? What exactly does she say when she calls? What have you said back?
  10. Does he ever call or is everything done thru email?
  11. I'm sure he is enjoying this. Did you reply back to the email?
  12. The fact that you two kept your friendship a secret makes you look guilty.
  13. Where you aware from the beginning that he would never marry you, no matter how much he loved you?
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