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  1. Maybe try to contact her less, stop asking her to do things until she brings it up. Stop saying things like "Do you miss me?" or "Do you want to see me?". Let her say those things first. Then SLOWLY grow into those things. If you seem less clingy and attached it will make her wonder if YOU miss her and if YOU want to see her.
  2. Or maybe he just isn't ready to come out as "being gay"... which is why he refuses to even THINK about the idea of being gay. Yes, it could be other things... but I would think he's gay, too. Not like there is anything wrong with it, I have just been friends with guys who sort of acted like that and then ended up coming out. They actually were less tense afterwards, like they had been bottling up everything in them. But good luck either way!
  3. I think that's what all our parents call them! Funny!
  4. When I was a cheerleader, I never called it "lollies" or "briefs", we normally called them "bloomers". But yes, they do.
  5. Hahahaha I could never say that. Plus, I am NOT trying to move it any faster. I am just wondering what might be REALLY going on. Haha I am definitely going to just enjoy it for now. When it's time to take it to the next level, I am sure it'll happen so I am not worried about that. I guess I was worried he had his doubts about it all.
  6. Like it's been said up there... if SHE was a true friend to his ex, she wouldn't give him the time of day. Now if she does like him, I mean... she (his ex) can either get over it and remain friends with her or decide not to hang out with her anymore because she might be with him. 4 months isn't very long, but long enough to care about someone. So truthfully he hasn't done anything wrong... a little distasteful but not WRONG. I guess sometimes you just can't help who you like? Maybe that's why they broke up...
  7. Why didn't you offer to find a tutor for him, maybe someone who really knows what they are doing. Ask him to look for help, take better notes on things? I have an AWFUL time with Math, too, so I know how he feels. Stick me in an English class and I'll be the best student ever but not with Math... I always needed more help. Maybe ask him to re-think that decision of dropping and see if he might like to have some other way of help other than coming into your office everyday. I wouldn't change the way you teach, but I also wouldn't ever tell a student that they shouldn't have taken your class
  8. Disagreements/Arguing (whichever you want to call it) is healthy but when it gets abusive it isn't. If you haven't argued yet- you will... whether it be about something silly when you are both having an off day or misunderstanding.
  9. Yes, it is. But just like last night- I spent the night with him. We are always touching somehow, we kiss often, and I slept in my undies and his shirt. So I am just kind of shocked that he hasn't tried anything. I LOVE it that he hasn't... but I'm glad that I did post up asking what you guys thought. And everyone- Thank you so much for all your input! It makes me feel a lot better like he IS just being a gentleman and has a lot of respect for me. Which REALLY makes me happy!!!!
  10. Nope, not really. We never really talked about us and I never talked to him about dating anyone before. The only thing I can think of is that it's different than when you first meet someone. Like he already cares about me a lot because we have known each other and it's not like some random girl that he doesn't care about and doesn't really respect yet. But then again... what if he just isn't sure about this whole thing BECAUSE we do have such a long history of being friends and doesn't want to ruin it.
  11. Soooo I have been casually dating this guy (whom I have known for 6 years) for about 3 or 4 weeks- give or take. We have tons of history as just friends, I used to stay at his parents lake house with him, friends, and his family all the time. I mean, his mom even threw me my 18th birthday party years ago. But we started flirting a lot, and now it's turned into kissing, cuddling, and dates. I have spent the night with him three times so far and have spent a lot of time with him- alone and with friends. He hasn't tried ANYTHING. Not that I am complaining, I want to take this really slow. But
  12. I would be pretty mad if I told my ex to stop trying to contact me over and over yet they still did over and over. I did that to one of my exes during high school - major mistake. Whatever we still had that could've been fixed, I screwed it up because I DID let my emotions get the best of me and I kept trying to talk to him even when he told me to not to. He wants space... give him space. It hurts like hell, but you have to do it.
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