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Favorite books from childhood


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What do you really remember, books you read over and over and have a fond attachment for to this day? I have hundreds I think, but I'll list a few that come to mind:


1. The Black Stallion series

2. My Friend Flicka / Thunderhead / Green Grass of Wyoming

3. The White Panther

4. Pagoo

5. Joy Adamson's books

6. Wildfire by Zane Grey

7. Albert Payson Terhune's collie books

8. Golden Dog

9. Black Tiger

10. Wish for a Pony

11. National Velvet

12. Bambi (the original by Felix Salten)

13. The White Stag

14. The Good Master

15. The Rabbit Hill series

16. The Cricket in Times Square series


Wow... I can't believe how many just popped into my head right away. Who else has a sentimental attachment to their favorite books from childhood?

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when i was really young i loved to read. i liked reading books about fables and things like ananse the spider, robert munsch, where the wild things are, etc. i also liked black beauty, the BFG, james and the giant peach, anne of green gables, and the magic school bus

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Any Bobbsey Twins readers here? I used to like those. Especially the one where they went to Africa. Also liked the Hardy Boys. Read the Little House books but not sure I really got into those - it was more my mother's idea.


Had a lot of short story collections in hardcover bound editions, that looked like encyclopedias or something.

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Amelia Bedelia! I just bought a book for my friend's daughter for her birthday!! I loved the Amelia Bedelia books as a kid.




Ahhhhh! Holy crap, I was just going to ask if anyone remembered these books! I used to make my dad read them to me every night.

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Green Eggs and Ham

Pickle Chiffon Pie (I had to get that for a friend with a little kid! I love that book!)

The Velveteen Rabbit

The Babysitter's Club series (SUCH a fan from 2nd grade on.)

Beezus and Ramona and all the Ramona books thereafter

Betsy, Tacy, and Tib

The Little House books

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