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  1. I am sooo, sorry this is happening to you. Words cannot express how you must be feeling right now. I don't know what to say or do to help. I can only offer an ear for you rant at or shout frustration, or just talk to if you would like. Christina x
  2. I'm in a spin and my head is spinning off! To all the people I know on ENA from a long time ago. Need your help! My nephew was diagnosed coming up 2 and a half months ago with a brain tumour. He is 22 and his name is Nicholas. It's the size of a tennis ball and is in his central area of the brain, in his brain stem. They had given him 6 to 12 weeks to live. He has already hit 6 weeks from the diagnosis and is getting worse. But he is a fighter. My problem is his family and how they have reacted to this news. Very quickly setting up a Web page asking for money and posting pictures of his
  3. Victoria has this spot on for me. We only have one shot at this life and it is fleeting. Do not waste it on someone who isn't thinking the same way as you regarding marriage.
  4. That should be the reason you don't feel as bad, if that makes sense. We can't choose who we fall in love with anymore than we can make someone love us. In a relationship in order for it to work, it has to be 50 50 give and take. She would need to do her share to. Not one sided. Do you see what I am saying?
  5. Can't add anything to this as it's perfect. I am sooo! Sorry your having to face this. Stay strong. You will get through it.
  6. I think men and women can be scared to broach the subject of sex with their doctor, or even be open about it with their partner. If she knows how much you love her and you both want to maintain your relationship, you can definately try other methods of satisfying. Just a kiss conveys love for one another and if it's or gas you are worried about, then have a conversation with her about what you can do to keep a healthy sex life without sex. If your not interested in doing any of those things and she is aware of it, but is still happy. Can't see the problem.
  7. Hi! Welcome to ENA. You have asked him if he has sexual feeling toward other men and he said no. You said you also have a tendency to over act with certain things to. I think it is unusual for a relationship that is only about a year old to have a diminished sex life, but that's not to say some people just aren't very interested in sex and he maybe one of them. Having lots of male friends isn't anything to worry about, but if it is getting to you that much, if you are unhappy then you perhaps should address whether you want to continue with your relationship as it stands, as it is unlikely he
  8. I disagree and your miss reading the law. They are in place to protect. Surely if someone was blinding drunk, you wouldn't want to sleep with them. I wouldn't.
  9. I concur Victoria as a rape victim myself. What's the saying. Ignorance is bliss. Sad times indeed.
  10. I understand what you are saying now in this last post, but the laws are in place to try and protect woman or man from rape. Date rape involves the use of a drug, which renders the recipient of that drug incapable of making a decision about what's good for them. It's the same as a person, woman or man going out and getting blinding drunk, which impairs their judgement, then getting into a situation where they do something regretted the following day. People can black out with drink, the same as taking a drug, depending on the person. They have introduced laws to try to protect people in pa
  11. Rape is no laughing matter I assure you. I was the victim of rape. This post is about two people having sexual relations, but one of them was seriously under the influence and that means their judgement would have been off. No one said he raped her, just that he made a bad decision and it is no laughing matter.
  12. It is confusing I know, but long distance relationships are hard to keep going and it is possible she just fell out of love, as it does happen. But the only way you will know is if you find your closure, one way or the other.
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