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  1. One thing I find weird... Threads where women talk about their bf's cheating on them with another woman, the unanimous response is "dump him". Yet this guy has cheated with multiple men and most people are saying it might be able to be worked out? Excuse my ignorance, but wth?
  2. I don't think I would approach him at all. I'd leave, cut off all contact completely, and move on with your life. This is a toxic deceptive person that cares nothing about you - you can't care about someone and put their health at risk like he did to you.
  3. I get a burning feeling in the back of my throat and in my stomach sometimes. I use maximum strength pepto bismol and it helps some. I notice that anything carbonated really aggravates it so I try to avoid those things.
  4. My first time wasn't a good experience at all so I can somewhat empathize. But it's over now so all you can do is choose where to go from here. Maybe your reaction wasn't ideal, but it sounds like she really cares so your best bet is to just move forward. Don't dwell on what mistakes you think you may have made because you never know how she may see things. If you really care about her, the best thing you can do for her is move forward with as much confidence as you can. Focus on the future, not the past. Look at the good, not the bad. That makes all the difference.
  5. I'm sorry, Kate. I might have been tempted to ask why you kept walking down that aisle, but I know questioning the past is pretty futile. You put your heart into it as much as you could so don't regret anything. Just realize that all that you've learned from all the pain cannot ever be overestimated in value. You say you both cheated so the best thing to do with that is remember. Keep it in your mind and heart for your next relationship so you never make the same mistake. Don't regret. No one ever gets everything right in life. It's not even possible. And anyone you see that makes you
  6. Six years is an enormous investment in a person. He probably just likes you so much that he doesn't dare want to chance ruining anything. I think it would be like finding a priceless treasure and wanting to cradle it with both arms and walk slowly all the way home just for fear of causing it any harm.
  7. it's really good you didn't say anything harsh. my father wasn't always as controlled. sorry he let you down, but i'm sure he'll learn and grow. no one can go through those years without some mistakes.
  8. yeah, definitely not at a his house or any house really. a coffee shop would be great because it's public. and coffee only has to take a few minutes if you need to make a rapid exit.
  9. There's always more than meets the eye in a kid's bad behavior. You're right to be upset at that, but I'd like to suggest not expressing anger to him. Whatever his motives are that are under the surface, if you show anger, he'll just bury everything and not open up. Try having a sit down and ask him calmly what was bothering him. If you're receptive and understanding, he may share something with you that you hadn't thought of. After you talk calmly and get some of the why's and such to the surface, then tell him you understand, but as he grows to become a man, he has to learn to handle thin
  10. I took some time off. I felt too uncertain to focus. I guess you could call that burnout. Having to work regular jobs for a while really made me appreciate the idea of being in school so when I went back, I took it more seriously. I don't think there's anything wrong with taking some time off if you need to. However dealing with family and their views on the matter can be tough, depending. You just have to be confident in your choice and stand your ground, whatever you decide.
  11. Oh, I remembere the Berenstein Bears. I had one of their audio books called the spooky old tree which I loved.
  12. That's such a tough situation. I mean of course you don't want to lie about it, but if he's really against it, he may get very verbally aggressive and not leave you alone about it. It might even end the relationship. But you can't base your decision of whether or not to keep your baby on him sticking around or not. It just sounds like one of those lose-lose scenarios. If I were in the guy's place, I'd absolutely respect her final choice. She's the one that has to bear the physical burden in her body. I'd hope any guy would understand that, but if not, I'm not sure you could find a happy en
  13. I liked Anne of Green Gables. Also some series about a mouse named Ralph that had a motorcycle. I think my favorites were Hildebrandt's fairly tales, though.
  14. I understand and empathize with this. I've had friends post pictures of me on their pages and I don't like my pictures anywhere on the web. Sometimes when I asked them to remove them, they would. Other times, they tried to laugh it off and refused. That made me even more upset. But what could I do? I guess I could stop talking to them, but then I might have no friends at all.
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