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  1. I know I treated my ex as best as I could, with a lot of respect and a lot of attention. I have a big heart and really gave it my all but she just checked out. I don't know why. Could be she thought she could do better, but I know I felt like I was taken for granted so I left. How would I feel if she came back into the picture? I don't know. It screwed me up to be honest, the way it all developed so nicely then petered away....is it really true that they remember the good ones? To be honest, it would be nice to be remembered like that, so at least it wasn't all in vain.
  2. Whether he loves you more than you love him or not....you are married and you owe it to him to be upfront. To be promiscuous and then let him just find out will be soul destroying and you could ruin his life. I know of a couple this happened to and the fella committed suicide. Even if he is being "needy", he doesn't deserve that. At least let him retain some of his dignity and come clean, even if it means you lose face. After you, you are the one commiting infidelity.
  3. Charlie and the Chocalate Factory Lord of the Flies James and the Giant Peach
  4. Gee....thanks! **BLUSHES** Haha It is tricky for me to date, believe it or not. Quite clearly I am looking in the wrong places...
  5. I guess this could be true, but culture has more to do with it in my opinion also. I'll be honest and say I have an hard time dating in America (I am from Britain). I guess my attitudes, beliefs, way I conduct myself (I am a little old fashioned in the gentleman/chivalry stakes) are a tad different from what people are used to. That said, I could just be picking the wrong ladies too
  6. Haha, the guy who asks the questions?
  7. I like to think of myself as a gentleman in this sense and I would do what he is doing. In truth, he doesn't want to mess it up or give you the wrong idea that he is in it for the wrong reasons! Enjoy it, when the time is right, things will happen.
  8. Honesty is the best policy. I was on the end of something very similar to this (PM me if you want to know anymore) and you need to apologise and level with him if you want things to go somewhere. Good Luck!
  9. I read what the OP wrote and I feel the same way. I tend to avoid bars and clubs and whatnot but have struggled to meet good, aunthentically nice girls. It's tough. This is like a mini-British invasion today...I am also English! A Yorkshireman to be precise
  10. I can't say anything much different to those above but just know you are not the only one. You are also not at fault and you are by no means useless or inferior. On the up you are only 19 and you can make steps to change things around. What you have suffered can stand you in good stead later. My Dad went through a similar situation and I admire just how strong and independent he became because of it. Good luck old son....hope you feel better.
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