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Feeling an Unbelievable Amount of Hatred

All I Ever Wanted Was to Love You
All I Ever Wanted Was to Love You

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Guys I literally am cringing because of the amount of hatred I am feeling with my cheater ex and the girl he got with before we broke up and then used the lame a$$ excuse of his parents not excepting me to break up.

Apparently she has a boyfriend that she is cheating on with my ex.....he found out i guess and both my ex and her tried to blame it on me that I told her bf....what a complete load of BS...I didn't even know she had a bf until today!!! At the same time she messaged me at work today and told me not to tell my ex that she was messaging. I blocked her....and at the same time messaged my ex to never contact me again along with her....


You know it's hard to believe that I love him SO much BUT I hate him so much more right now. I hate her so much more right now!!


I was going to write him and copy her in on the email below but I decided against it. Even though it would have given me satisfaction for his jaw to drop open along with hers I decided against it since I don't want to start the viscious texting/calling cycle again. So I am posting it here instead of emailing him and copying her....


ok im not quite sure what games you two are playing but ive had enough...if she wants to message me then you want me to tell it like it is???? do you REALLY want it all out in the open?????


that you cheated on EVERY single girl you have ever been with...first dating an S for 5 yrs n cheating on her with C.....then back to S n cheating again with A....then messing with M while sending a proposal of marriage for another girl S2...and then being with me and at the same time cheating again with ur ex M and the T......oh n then wat was is it....oh yea getting M pregnant n telling her to abort.....wow.....


not to mention you take take take and u never give. When I met you what did you have???? a crappy apartment with bugs everywhere....and then a job at Tec WHICH S found for you and which you managed to get yourself FIRED from........basically lying to everyone about everything.....saying u r not ready for marriage but looking at girls left and right....wat else....oh u faking your own paperwork to get yourself immigration and a new job.......so basically everything for u can change at the drop of a hat.....Basically you lied for everything you have right now...ur new apt, ur new job, ur immigration.....and by the way who went through all the trouble to move you AGAIN out of another crappy apartment where you let mold grow ALL OVER the walls and had roaches crawling all over ur bathroom and kitchen...oh n then who picked ur a$$ up to go job hunting or give u names of recruiters or get u interviews n at the same time set up ur apt with furniture at the same time u were screwing T.....


oh n then nothing bad against ur family but u say ur from a certian clan and ur family is very big and rich overseas...but they got no money....u endlessley compalin about ur family...so r u 2 faced???? you complain that bro1 has no sense since he cheated on his fiance, then married and divorced another girl....n that bro2 is mentally unstable......n that bro3 destroyed the family business.......


honestly you have A LOT of baggage not only with u but ur perception of ur family. so tell me is this new girl going to fill out ur law school applications like i filled out ALL ur job applications??? is she gonna tailor ur resumes the way i did left n right????? Is she going to coach you for your interview???? Or wait is she going to loan you $500-$1000 to send to your family if ever needed?????? IF U AGAIN WENT BACK TO WORKING THE GAS STATION.....or otherwise DID DRUGS AGAIN.....what would happen...what would she say....or even if she found out u did all that...


oh and then you call yourself a man????? your just a freaking child....u dont even have the nuts to come out and tell the truth and blame it conevniently on your parents.....very classy S!!! oh n this bs like "i love you naaaa....no one loves me (n sticking out ur lower lip)....and oh comehere and ill fall asleep holding you..." how many girls do you tell this to??????????


Literally my heart broke when I saw you at the gas station. that no one deserves this hardship no matter what kind of person they are....i mean i used to pray to god that he would help each and everyone of your problems...the problem with you S is that you blame everyone else for your problems aside from yourself....n in time i think u will start blaming this girl....


And you know I'M SURE that you are looking at other girls while you are with this one....oh n ppl have confirmed it......because ultimately thats how you are....you tell that one person you are completely in love with them but at the same time still want WAY more....so you look/sleep with other girls....AS YOU SAID YOU GET BORED EASILY.....THAT YOU'RE GONNA BE WITH 3 GIRLS AT ONE TIME!!!


So do you want me to really tell it like it is??? Because at this point I haven't done anything "bad" OUT OF RESPECT.....


really S just really read the above again....man you ARE a GREAT catch...."

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I would not get involved in all of this drama. It is way to toxic for all involved.


If you feel angry, then feel it. But let it go or you will keep creating it, for yourself, over and over again. It does not change the circumstances at all and it will just be an unpleasant emotion for you to esperience.


I, personally, would let the three of them fend for themselves and mire in the sewage that they have created.

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I agree with you guys...i'm not going to involve myself in this anymore because it's going to create MORE drama. These guys well themselves self-destruct.......


I'm just trying to focus on getting past this anger and letting it go...Day 1 of NC starts again tomorrow...and tomorrow is a month since the break up...

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I'm sorry that you had to go through all that, but please just step away, and don't lower yourself to his sleazy level.


I wouldn't respond to any contact from him, or anyone associated with him. You dodged a bullet here, and I can promise you that he won't be going to Law school.


Take care...

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