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I just.....can't STAND her

amour est toujours

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My brother's girlfriend is one of the pickiest, meanest, and obnoxious people I have ever met. Her loud laugh pierces my eardrums and makes me sick. They have been dating for the past 2 years and live together. My two other brothers cannot stand her either. My brother "loves" her although he's never really shown any true signs of being in love in my opinion.


I'm not trying to break them up.

I just want to know how to deal.

Any advice?

Anyone feel my pain?

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im assuming you dont live with your brother so how much "dealing" do you have to do? just be polite and civil when you are around her.


and as mudders said, stay out of their relationship bc when you dont like this lady as much as you do, it could be easy to fall into that if you find an opportunity to voice your opinion.


sorry you dont like her, thats sucks! but if he loves her and there are no things that are obliviously wrong (as in its not like you see her around town cheating on him and so on...) just bite your lip and smile!

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Oh dear! Just avoid as much as you can, and take tranquillisers when you're obliged to be with her (joke!). At least your other brothers agree with you, which probably helps a bit.


People on the outside can never really judge what makes a relationship work, and she is clearly fulfilling a need of your brother's. Even if that's a mystery to everyone else.

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Just politely avoid her any chance you get. She comes over your house... you make an excuse to leave. She shows up for holidays, go in the other room... And when you have to be near her, be polite but dont invite more conversation than necessary. Other than that... leave the situation alone. Its his girl, not yours... so its not your problem.

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